Banoffee Pies

Banoffee Pies are an independent record label and music platform based in Bristol. Behind it all, the organisation have encapsulated their real passions and influences around the dance floor with an array of parties, vinyl releases and other creative projects. DJ Autumn steps up to deliver one hour of ambient and meditative sounds this month.

“Occasionally the the sun peeks through misted clouds and hits the blinds. They echo and reflect. Just for one brief moment.”

In these low winter months after a year of pretending the club and some normality was just around the corner I wanted to record something that you can listen to at home in peace. A selection of ambient and meditative records i’ve bought in the last year. Sounds that have helped me to slow and accept. I hope everyone is doing all they can to take care of your mind in this difficult time. For intended effect please make a nice cup of tea and sit down when you listen. Much love from here, Ell xox”