Levi Love is one of the longest standing residents at World renowned SOUP nightclub in Manchester. His residency there spanning over a decade. He also runs an independent record label Mas O Menos records which boats amazing artists such as Joey T, Metrodome, Sarah Bates and Lukas of Homoelectrik fame.

Apologies! Bambanani resident Levi Love is taking a short break from the decks but do not fear listeners. Next to the Bambanani studio is a small room lit with a single candle, where we keep some of Manchesters finest DJ’s and producers. 

After a guest appearance last month on the show, Lukas a Homoelectric resident DJ and well known face in the Manchester scene, having played venues across the city and live sets for independent radio. Brings his eclectic collection to Melodic Distraction. His sets at Wild Wood Disco and Audiofarm showcased his incredible knowledge of only the finest tracks which are consistently bangers. Erol Alkin is a fan. True story.

Catch Lukas at Homobloc (If you don’t have a ticket try again next year), and the Homoelectric N.Y.E party. He also has one of the finest remixes available on Mas O Menas records too. 

Show highlights. Lukas finally pronouncing a friends name correctly.