Aurelia Magazine

Aurelia Magazine are an award-nominated independent publication, uplifting the first-person stories and opinions of marginalised genders (women, non-binary people and trans men).

Aurelia is made possible by the work of three Northern people of colour; Kya (Founder & Editor-in-Chief), Shahed (Deputy Editor) and Amelia (Assistant Editor). Between them they oversee all of the direction, projects, editorial, design, social media, admin and everything in-between.

Aurelia was born out of a love for the incredibly important and powerful form of personal writing. They are entirely dedicated to spotlighting thoughts, feelings and experiences, in an effort to encourage readers to slow down and connect with one another.

They commission freelance writers every month, covering topics such as identity, lifestyle, love and connection, and personal responses to news, politics and culture.

Amelia is documentary filmmaker, editor, writer and podcaster, whose work has featured in the Guardian, Vice, Dazed, BBC, Channel 4 and many more. Amelia is always on the lookout for innovative, compelling and under-reported stories that amplify marginalised voices.

Amelia is an editor for Aurelia, a magazine that commissions first-person stories from marginalised genders and also produces and hosts a podcast for the magazine, called Close-Up.
Music wise, Amelia loves soul, experimental and a good bit of pop.