Audio Endo

All things future, every month BЯYN hosts a hard swerve left in the Liverpool music scene. Come listen to melodic and emotionally charged tunes from the all corners of the web on Audio Endo!

This month Lucy Grey steps into the MD container for Audio Endo, host of her monthly show Broken Record and one of the infamous Anti Pattern crew. We first briefly met in the chaos of the Princess Nokia gig in Liverpool a long while ago, if anyone remembers that! I think the first stuff I remember her putting out into the world as an artist/DJ was her atmospheric tunes under her alias Beela on soundcloud where she handles powerful melodies and drums with great care, subtly and precision (you should go check out “0203”).

Since then, as Lucy Grey, she’s gone on to explode onto the Liverpool club scene as a DJ, where she’s gained a reputation for playing hard hitting industrial to reggaeton at Meraki, Kaz gardens and recently for Red City etc.  She’s not one to ignore, defo a rising star of the north west and local fave!