Artist Focus: Talk Talk

Welcome to another episode in the Artist Focus series, right here on Melodic Distraction Radio. I’m Kevin from the Unknown End show, and this is my Artist Focus on Talk Talk.

You might have heard me mention this on the RUSH artist focus I produced with my dad, where I talked about how they were shunned and sometimes not given the credit they rightly deserved. Well, I think of Talk Talk in a similar vein. It’s not that they didn’t achieve success, because they did, however I think they’re a better band than most give them credit for.

It’s no surprise that there has been a Talk Talk ressurgence since his untimely death ofd Mark Hollis in 2019, but the ripple effect of their five studio albums have been slowly undulating since the day they each came out. Someone rightly pointed out to me recently, despite the general success they achieved, you rarely see any of their tracks on 80s compilations or played on 80s radio stations. ‘Such A Shame’

Further Listening:
– Talk Talk – The Rainbow –
– Talk Talk – New Grass –
– A Perfect Silence –
– Montreux 1986
– RECOIL (feat. Shara Worden) – Dum Dum Girl –