Artist Focus: SOPHIE

Some artists leave a legacy that stretches far beyond a great single or a number 1 album. 

Artist Focus is a new series hosted by the extended Melodic Distraction family that deep dives into the life and times of the musicians that have defined the sound of modern music. From the stone cold classics to the unearthed gems and forgotten B-sides, our community tribute an hour of music by a single artist that has had a notable impact on their life.

This week MXTRONIK looks back at the inimitable music of iconic electronic pop artist SOPHIE, who tragically lost her life over the weekend. Visionary, pioneer and creative force of nature, SOPHIE was an inspiration to many. SOPHIE broke new sonic boundaries with wry, whip-smart pop, embodying tech-adjacent millennial irony better than anyone.

From the fearless production of her early releases through to her Grammy-nominated debut album, SOPHIE changed the way we hear music forever.  With homemade samples, manipulated vocals, the beautiful juxtaposition of tender messages above thumping basslines and in-your-face snares, there really is no way to describe her music apart from truly innovative.  She continuously pushed the boundaries of modern pop, bridging the gap between the mainstream and the avant-garde whilst, most importantly, providing a voice and a vehicle of liberation for the trans and queer community.

The rubberised, slick sound brought queer sexuality right into the foreground of modern pop. As a trans artist who openly discussed and played with gender, and in ingenious and inventive ways, SOPHIE brought visibility, vibrancy and yet also a tender softness that was a beacon of light for so many.

DJ and MXSTICATE host @mxtronik, who supported SOPHIE when she played at 24KS in 2018, has put together a special tribute to pay respects to & celebrate the life of SOPHIE. As he so perfectly puts, “SOPHIE was able to create such raw emotions of hyper elation and sweet sorrow from creating the loudest most brightest music possible.”

Rest in power to a true icon.

You can read more about SOPHIE in her own words, in THIS 2018 interview in Paper Mag.