Artist Focus: Rush

Welcome to another episode in the ‘Artist Focus’ series with me, Kevin, from the Unknown End show.

This time we have a special show as I’ve managed to convince my dad, Colin, to help me pull the show together. All the tracks in this show have been hand-picked by Colin Dorward after painstakingly going through his entire collection of material (that’s 19 studio albums BTW). This is my dad’s favourite band, one he feels never got the credit they deserved, and if they did, it possibly came too late.

This Canadian 3-piece was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame in 2013, 14 years after being eligible. They toured relentlessly usually playing up to 200 shows/year and giving it their all every time. Like all good stories, this one came to its end in 2015 after more than 40 years of recording and touring.

As my dad said, any band that has a stint of over 40 years you have to tip your hat to them. This isn’t just any band though, this is RUSH.

Also: Check out the research paper on ‘how musical preferences are linked to cognitive styles’ as referenced by Kevin in this show here