Artist Focus: Death Cab For Cutie

Some artists leave a legacy that stretches far beyond a great single or a number 1 album. 

Artist Focus is a new series hosted by the extended Melodic Distraction family that deep dives into the life and times of the musicians that have defined the sound of modern music. From the stone cold classics to the unearthed gems and forgotten B-sides, our community tribute an hour of music by a single artist that has had a notable impact on their life. For this edition, Liverpool-based DJ and 24 Kitchen Street teamo, Nikki Chong takes a look at the legacy of Death Cab For Cutie. 

Growning up, my house was always full of music; Dad played guitar and bass, Mum played piano, my sister played the Clarinet and we were both into musical theatre. It wasn’t until I was about 15-ish when I really started to figure out what music meant to me. I started going to gigs, had a drink for the firs time, fell in love for the first time! A band that stood out for me (and probably many other Gen Zs) was Death Cab for Cutie. I have all their music on CDs! They helped me through the ups and downs of being an angsty teen all the way till now. One of the best nights of my life was flying to Sydney by myself so I could see them live at the Opera House. I’ll honestly never forget it. Death Cab for Cutie turn poetry into songs like no one else.  They mean so much to me, I named my radio show after their album “Codes and Keys”. I hope you enjoy what I have curated for this show, I had a lot of fun going through their entire discography… pure joy!