Artist Focus: Banks

Some artists leave a legacy that stretches far beyond a great single or a number 1 album. 

Artist Focus is a new series hosted by the extended Melodic Distraction family that deep dives into the life and times of the musicians that have defined the sound of modern music. From the stone cold classics to the unearthed gems and forgotten B-sides, our community tribute an hour of music by a single artist that has had a notable impact on their life.

This time, Black Beacon Sound’s Priminho pays homage to American singer-songwriter, Banks.

“The evolution of BANKS is electrifying. And right from the start, nothing short of powerful.

Lyrically, BANKS delivers salt of the earth emotion, observing idiosyncrasies of relationships, and using the arena of self-worth as a forgery of inspiration.

Musically, her debut ‘Fall Over’ and highly revered ‘London’ EP’s feature esteemed UK-based producers SOHN, Lil Silva, Jamie Woon and TEED, setting the tone for what was to become an impressive working relationship between BANKS and a burgeoning underground music culture in the UK. Billboard immediately praised BANKS a “magnetic writer with songs to obsess over”.

BANKS’ three critically acclaimed albums, ‘Goddess’, ‘The Altar’ & ‘III’, all feature the cream of sound design: BJ Burton, Buddy Ross, Hudson Mohawke and Kito to name a few. And an additional remix album of ‘Goddess’ also welcomed respectable dance outfits like Soul Clap, Nautiluss and Lido, further endorsing recognition from her peers.

BANKS cites influences of Lauryn Hill and Fiona Apple. And comparisons have been made of Aaliyah, Feist, Erykah Badu and Kate Bush; without question an impressive entourage of icons, BANKS herself influences modern day pop-stars like Billie Eilish. But her foundations in modern R&B are deep “so let’s start from the beginning in 2013 and explore the production qualities and talented songwriting she is renowned for. Having worked with the most sought after producers, and resonating themes of love, loyalty and loneliness, BANKS has elevated into a pantheon of musical idolisation, with her fans and peers alike ever gripped by her status of strength and self-care attitude”.