Arrhythmia is a radio art / mixtape of unusual sonic findings from the early days of recording history, enhanced with music from the vaults of 1tracktape and Default Standard Records. Digitalized cylinder and shellac recordings along with modern multinational underground releases all related with 1tracktape & DSR catalogue.

A transmission of music lost in time that merges everything from old radio commercials and cassette culture gems to contemporary experimental electronics and field recordings. This explorative sound art unearths obscure music artefacts in the form of sound collage and audio art manipulations. Arrhythmia decorates time with music that you were never aware that existed or you thought it was long forgotten.

Dimitris Tsironis is an interdisciplinary sound artist, researcher and curator from Greece. He composes ambient and electroacoustic music in diverse contexts, by blending field recordings, sound manipulations, unearthed shellac and cylinder raw recordings and original crafted music. His work is manifested through various sound art creations and compositions, experimental radio art, audio-visual installations and writings. Under the name of melophobia (μελωφοβία) he has released more than hundred albums in various formats. He is also a vinyl collector – DJ and the founder and main archivist / curator of 1tracktape & Default Standard Records.