Altered Voltage (April ’19)

Altered Voltage is a new collective based in Liverpool, headed by All Trades, that looks set to bring the best electro and breakbeat to Merseyside.

Having guested on Transport For London and Don’t Look Now shows in the past, All Trades joins us now with his very own show. Two hours of brand new electro and acid techno, with some forthcoming and unreleased bits thrown in for good measure.

Since joining the Melodic Distraction crew, All Trades has hosted Altered Voltage with a number of guests, including Reedale Rise, Everett & Paxman.

This time Jack treats us with a guest mix from London breakbeat duo, Local Group, made up of LMajor and Corporeal Face. Resident DJ at Field Maneuver, Corporeal Face also runs a label called Ritual Position. He’s just put out the 4th EP on his label – Hooverian Blur’s ‘Phantom Space’ EP – which Jack has played on his last couple of shows.