Some ingredients used to make ALPHONSE:

POD ( Power of Dance ) Lechlade ,20 B&H, Squidgy black , Glastonbury 93 , Basement records , Rhoobarbs , Evolution , Lazerdrome , Sweat Soundsystem , Shy boyz , Gonzo , Raindance , 2 Colins , Energy Flash , Labyrynth , Wonderland Arena , Castlemorton, Croydon , Beanos , Swag records , Fun City. Klasse Wrecks , Black Orpheus Hypercolour , London Housing Trust , Emotional Especial.

Ahead of the release of his ‘Dark Horse’ EP on Hypercolour Records, mysterious producer Alphonse jumps on to the MDR airwaves to give us a taste of what to expect from his forthcoming EP.

Renowned for his dubby and spacey productions, Alphonse has released on the likes of Klasse Wrecks, Black Orpheus and [Emotional] Especial. ‘Dark Horse’, due for release on March 19th, is a flurry of Breakbeats and rave tropes with distinct UK flavours!