Africa Oyé

After the 25th year of Africa Oyé was a resounding success, the organisation celebrating the African diaspora join us on the radio for the next 12 months.

With a mixture of live recordings from this year’s festival, interviews with artists and organisers, as well as plenty of guest mixes and live sessions along the way, the Africa Oyé radio show will be a reflection on what has happened and what’s to come in the future. Africa Oyé prides itself on being the largest celebration of African music in the UK. Since beginning life as a programme of live events in venues throughout Liverpool, Africa Oyé has built a loyal following.

This month’s show includes an interview with Africa Oyé’s Dave McTague and Richie Vegas along with a guest mix recorded by Joseph Kaye (Anti Social Jazz Club) live at this year’s festival. Tune in to find out more about the role DJs have played in the festival as well as some killer selections.