система | SYSTEM: My Ukraine Today – Tomorrow – Yesterday

Vvanya Samokrutkin is a Ukrainian / Odesa/Rennes-based artist and manager of система | system art platform (@systemnapotvora).

система | system is pluridisciplinary art and music platform active in different geo zones. система | system develops an art platform dedicated to electronic forward-thinking music and live performance-oriented practices. Supporting experimentation in the spectrum of electronics, out-of-format, marginal, and no-go-zone sound experiences is система | system main statement.

We’re focussing our attention on the publishing of new independent music, live cast series, and an archive of live performances, giving space to young musicians as a way to express themselves. In terms of the label, we don’t have geographical concerns to release only Ukrainian artists but release people from the world over. In fact, I see it more as a publishing house operating in the sphere of electronic music. We release a lot of different styles and genres. Sometimes we also distribute and sell different merch like art afiches, books, tapes, and art around music.