Why We Want To Open A Coffee Shop & Bar

At a time when we can’t necessarily all be together and many hospitality businesses are up against the wall, it seems a bit odd to be fundraising to open a new studio, coffee shop and bar, right?

To be honest, we completely agree.

These are strange times, we all know that by now. Even stranger to be wanting to open a space that relies on footfall.

For a few reasons, opening a coffee shop has been a thought of ours for a little while now. First and foremost, we want to create a physical space for our community to come together and hang out. We also want to create a space that can help support Liverpool’s independent musicians and music scene. Alongside this, we also desperately need another source of revenue to keep our radio station above water.

An artist’s impression of how our space could look. Handsomely modelled by our studio producer, Toby.

Quite bluntly, independent radio is a difficult thing to keep going. Our station operates on the subs model used by pirate radio stations back in the day. I.E. Hosts pay a monthly contribution to broadcast on air, with concessions given for those who can’t afford to do so. We also occasionally work with brands and stream content for other companies. The combination of these things has got us this far – but most often they don’t cover the station’s outgoing costs. We’ve always tried to avoid talking about the cash monies in this way, but the fact of the matter is that we need an additional revenue stream to support the running of the station.

Just before the pandemic hit, we were looking at the possibility of adding a wet sales element to our radio station, but for obvious reasons this didn’t come to fruition. Since then we’ve been biding our time until the hospitality industry became more certain, but being forced to leave Jamaica Street, combined with the cost of relocating has forced our hand early.We need something to help bring that extra slice of income into the station month on month to keep the sounds of Liverpool and all our fantastic hosts beaming out to the world – otherwise the station may not see its way into 2021. But don’t worry, we’re working hard to ensure that doesn’t happen, and you can help us by supporting our Kickstarter!

What we have devised is a coffee shop and bar, attached to the studio – where all the profits generated from the sale of beans, beers and baked treats go right back into making Melodic Distraction Radio the best it can be. A cyclical model that reinvests any profits back into the running of the station.

More shows, more live sessions and most importantly greater support for all the local musicians of the North West….

This new spot will be a space for hosts, listeners and locals to come and hang out. We’re also going to be offering subsidised hire of the space to those wanting to host events that uplift the local community and promote up-and-coming grassroots artists of all kinds. A place where people can explore new ideas and collaborate.

As our favourite Scouse MC said it best, “Coffee makes the world go round”… ?