Why We Want To Move To The Fabric District

Baltic. Ropewalks. Georgian. Cavern. Fabric.

Liverpool City Centre is divided up into many districts; a melting pot of different cultures and histories.

Each district of Liverpool tells a unique historical story. Our previous home, the Baltic Triangle was shaped by its proximity to the world famous Albert Dock and trade with the Baltic states. Our temporary home at Jacaranda: Phase One falls within the Ropewalks district of the city centre. Its long, narrow streets tell the tale of the city’s involvement in the maritime rope making industry.

The site of our new home; the Fabric District, may be best known as the spot where Abakhan is. The go-to shop in Liverpool for all things textiles. There are also several other fabric shops in the area, hence the name. It’s a part of town where things get made!

In its current form, the Fabric District has many empty buildings and a lot of untapped potential. Champions of the area such as Jason Abbott and Richard Jennions are big proponents for its continued development. Between them, they have helped oversee the arrival of many new businesses to the area.

Creative agencies, makers, photographers and designers have all moved into the Fabric District in recent years.

Having been forced out of our studio in the Baltic Triangle, we’re now looking to move to the Fabric District and become part of this story. A blossoming area that was once very much overlooked, now coming to the fore.

Located just a 10 minute walk from Lime Street and a 5 minute walk from two of the city’s key universities, it’s surprising the area has not before been converted into a student hub or shopping district. Thankfully, the area’s key stakeholders are set on ensuring the district remains a space for independent creativity.

We couldn’t think of a more exciting area to be looking at for our new home. A place where crews like ours can find longevity and security. A place where we can work alongside local businesses. Somewhere that we can make our own.

Our prospective studio is located behind the Tapestry. A central hub for creative businesses in the Fabric District. Currently a bin yard, our plan is to convert it into a radio studio, coffee shop and bar using two shipping containers.

Working alongside local suppliers; we want to renovate the two containers to be complete with electricity, running water, heating and all the other amenities you would expect from a warm and welcoming space. In the summer, we hope that the space becomes an outdoor hangout, where visitors can enjoy radio in a live setting. In the winter months, a heated garden space that can still operate throughout the day and into the early evening.

We’ve now passed the 1/3rds mark on our Kickstarter. Things are on track, but we need to keep up the momentum. 

If you’d like to see this space come to life then check out how you can become part of the story.


A Month of Coffee In Our New Coffee Shop

Help us reach our goal by pledging for future coffees in our space. 

Name on a Mural

If you want to become a real part of the furniture, pledge to have your name included on a huge mural we’ll have commissioned to commemorate the opening of the space. 

Name a Blend of Coffee

Ever wondered why it’s called a cup of hot Joe? Well Joe pledged for that right in a Kickstarter back in 1804.

Whether that’s true or not, it could be true for you! We’ll also ship you a bag of your beans to wherever you are in the world so you can enjoy them at our coffee shop and at home!

A Year’s Supply of Coffee

Tired of instant coffee? Become an instant regular at our new coffee shop with a year’s supply of bevs on us.

Party Time!

Want to hire out the whole joint? No problem, pledge for a party and the place is yours for a whole day or evening.