WATGB: Introduction to the Liverpool Music Scene

To coincide with their new monthly residency on the MDR airwaves, Where Are The Girl Bands? offer us a monthly glimpse into what they’ve been up to and what’s caught their attention over the past 30 days… 

Hello! We are Where are the Girlbands, an organisation dedicated to making local music scenes more accessible for everyone. Our page (@wherearethegirlbands on Instagram) gives a platform to artists and their work through interviews, reviews, panel discussions and more, aiming to open the conversation around gender inequality in the music industry and local creative scenes and barriers to access as a whole. 

This guide is a warm welcome to the Liverpool music scene, showcasing our recommendations! We started the project in 2018 because we as musicians didn’t know how to access the spaces we wanted to, and found we didn’t know many places we felt truly safe in – hopefully this provides some help for you! We are always open to chat via DM @wherearethegirlbands on Instagram or via email at wherearethegirlbands@gmail.com <3 

None of these lists are exhaustive, they are just some of our recommendations to get you started! We have tried to give the Instagram link for each organisation and individual listed, but it is possible these may have changed since the creation of this resource, so our apologies if that is the case, if you have a problem finding anyone, you can always send us a message and we will try and put you in touch! 


Introduction to venues

Bloom Building @bloom_building 

Painted in technicolour murals and bathed in fairy lights, the Bloom Building is a safe space we would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Housing Open Door Charity (there is more information about them in the signposting section!) everything they do has community, creativity and connection t heart. 

The team are all dedicated, caring people who will support you through your creative ventures. Even if only one person turns up to your event here, it will still feel cosy and full thanks to all the warmth Bloom provides. 

The Florrie – @the_florrie

The Florrie is a Grade II listed building that has been at the heart of the L8 community for over 130 years. It’s history is rooted in social engagement, from its origins in supporting the “poor and working boys of the district” to its present day services that support their local community through events, activities and collaboration on creative, cultural projects. 

Their main aims as an organisations are:

  • The relief of poverty.
  • The relief of unemployment.
  • The advancement of education, training and work experience.

So they are a brilliant venue to engage with both in the beauty of their building, the quality of their services and their morals. 

Liverpool Arts Bar – @liverpoolartsbar 

The Liverpool Arts Bar is an organisation who are true to their aims. They create a safe, fresh and creative space that strives to support and develop the local artistic scene. They put a focus on diversity, equality and environmental sustainability and from our experience are an absolute dream to work with, supporting you and your vision the whole way through. 

Meraki – @merakiliverpool 

Meraki are an independent music venue and bar who are constantly evolving to create the most exciting, inclusive events. From our experience this is a venue who are listening to communities and want to create the spaces people want and need to flourish. They are transparent with the work they are doing and host boss events!

Quarry – @quarryliverpool 

Quarry is a venue that cherishes creatives and will do all they can to bring your project to life. Being artist-led themselves they understand both the challenges and the joys of creating, and encourage people to use the space as a blank canvas to try new, expressive things. Tonnes of exciting stuff is happening here! 


Introduction to Promoters 

Bitch Palace – @bitchpalacepresents 

Bitch Palace are an artist-led collective putting on events to celebrate music and art by marginalised communities, often with super cool themes! Their events cross-disciplines and often play with genres, vibes and pushing the conventions of gig spaces. 

Bed and Breakfast – @bedandbrekkie 

Bed and Breakfast host beautiful gigs in beautiful places. If you’ve ever wanted to perform in a Grade II listed building or find hidden treasures you never knew of, this is the promoter for you! They treat artists with the utmost care and professionalism. 

BlackFest – @blackfestcreatives 

BlackFest is a grass roots Black Arts festival that platforms, empowers and develops work by Black artists. As a promotion organisation they support artists across different creative disciplines, utilising venues and community spaces across Merseyside.

The Goddess Projects – @thegoddessprojects 

The Goddess Projects’ mission is to empower, inspire and assist Black women and women of colour to develop and achieve within their communities. This involves plat forming, hosting events and providing a network of like minded individuals. 

Liverpool East and South East Asian Network – @liverpooleseanetwork 

This wonderful organisation is spotlighting East and South East Asian voices across Liverpool and the wider Merseyside region. They provide a community space for listening, sharing and healing. The organisation is creative-led and they aim to increase visibility through creativity and community, offering opportunities for platforming, development and networking. 

We Want Women – @wewantwomenliverpool 

This organisation create spaces for creativity, wellness and mental health. Their main aim is to platform and build safe, inclusive community environments for womxn in the performing arts. This comes in the form of gigs, workshops, networking spaces and more. 


Introducing Studios and Rehearsal Rooms 

Elevator @elevator_recording_studio

Elevator is a thriving creative hub providing space for artists, musicians and more. Based in the Baltic, they provide equipment, storage and recording studios. Previous clients include the Wombats, the Zutons and the Coral!

Vulcan Studios – @vulcanstudios 

If you’re looking for a more economical option, Vulcan Studios offers equipment hire, instruments for purchase, and their rehearsal spaces are listed at as little as £3. They cater to all different groups of musicians. 

Jamm Studios – @jammstudios

If you’re looking for more hands on support then Jamm Studios might be for you. Located in St. Helens, Jamm offer 1-2-1 tuition, masterclasses, courses, rehearsal spaces and recording spaces. 

Scratch Studio – @scratchstudioliverpool 

Scratch are an independent recording studio and rehearsal space who work around artists’ budgets. 

Sort Rehearsal Studios – @sortrehearsalrooms 

Based at the heart of the Baltic Triangle, sort is a space where musicians can thrive. Sort also offer instrumental lessons and recording sessions at the cabin. 

Introducing Local Producers 

Kyami – @iamkyami 

IamKyami is a cross-discipline creative who has made a beautiful space for herself in the North West music scene. They push creative boundaries, always blossoming and evolving. For some examples of their work check out their own discography for a real treat!

Keeley the Producer – @keeleytheproducer

Keeley the Producer is rebound for having the most exciting, fulfilling collaborations with local artists, always working on new and exciting things! 

Aimée Britannia – @aimeebritannia 

Aimée Britannia is a self professed music princess and exciting producer taking the Liverpool music scene by storm! 

Alexa Mae – @aleyamaeofficial 

Alexa Mae is a singer-songwriter and producer who has a taste for dance tunes that set the soul free!

Dorcà Seb – @iamdorcasseb

Dorcà Seb is an ethereal producer, performer and writer. An absolute dream to work with. 

Producers Against Misogyny – @wearepam 

Producers Against Misogyny is a safe space to learn about music production while addressing inequities caused by misogyny throughout the music industry. Their online platform acts as a space for self-teaching, community and networking. 

Dubs Club – @dubsclubliverpool

Dubs Club is a friendly meet up group showcasing electronic music from women and gender minority producers. 

As with all of these lists, this is not exhaustive and there are tonnes more incredible producers in Liverpool that we haven’t listed here (such as the likes of Jodie Knight (@jodieknightuk) and Lady Soul Vocals (@mdbeatz)). Spaces and resources like Dubs Club and local radio station Melodic Distraction are fantastic places to go to find producers you connect with! 


Introducing Local Management and Labels 

Both Sides Records – @bothsidesrecords 

A Brighter Sound Project, this label is celebrating and led by women and marginalised genders, based in the North! Both Sides see themselves as a stepping stone for artists to equip themselves with the knowledge and experience that they need in a safe space as they start out. 

No Such Thing Records – @nosuchthingrecords 

No Such Thing Records are a Northern, forward-thinking, independent record label led by artists who understand the challenges of being a marginalised person in the creative industry. No Such Thing aim to break down barriers and form genuine creative community without hierarchy. 

Big Condo Records – @bigcondorecords 

Big Condo Records is a label that truly loves and supports the artists it represents. Based in Liverpool they cover all genres from rock to pop. 

Violet the Records – @violette.records 

Violette Records are an independent record label based in Liverpool and Paris. This is a label who aim to create unique and beautifully curated selections of music, born of the belief in the life-affirming value of great music and art. 

If you are looking to distribute your own music, but are unsure of how, then these online resources may be helpful for you:


Introducing Online Music Self-Teaching Resources

There are tonnes of social media and online based resources that have been built to support creatives like you to self-teach and find community. For more, check out our instagram highlights where we share all the resources and pages we find that support artists to develop themselves. Here are some of our favourites;

Sass and Snarl – @sassandsnarl 

Sass and Snarl provide accessible and safe spaces for networking, workshops and talks to support people starting out in the music industry. They also focus on gender inequity and supporting marginalised people in the industry. 

She Said So – Northern UK – @shesaid.so.northernuk

She Said So is a network that aims to empower and bring together womxn in the North through events, workshops and resources. 

Moving the Needle – @movingtheneedle 

An educational support group that encourages women of all ethnicities and backgrounds to join the UK music industry, offering support throughout their career. 

Melodic Distraction – @melodicdistractionuk 

Melodic Distraction is a local radio station and magazine that is constantly producing, supporting and releasing content around music! Their website is a space to go if you want to learn about a wide range of music and creativity. 

Girls Against – @girls.against 

Girls Against are an amazing organisation who aim to stand up against sexual assault and misogyny in the UK live music scenes. They have valuable educational resources around creating safer spaces.

Electra Music – @_electra.music_

Electra Music is an online resource empowering women in electronic music and production.

The Female DIY Musician – @femdiymusician 

The Female DIY musician is an organisation that aims to help women produce, record and release music through self-teaching resources. 


Introducing Gig Photographers 

Anna-Mhairi – @annamhairi 

Anna-Mhairi is a Liverpool-based Queer and Neurodivergent photographer who takes beautiful photos that truly capture the essence of her subject by putting a focus on making you feel safe, happy and comfortable in front of the camera. Whether it’s gig photography, headshots or concept shoots, Anna does it all with grace. 

Eirinn O’Kane – @shotsbyeirinn

If you are looking for dynamic photography that’s overflowing with energy, then check out Eirinn O’Kane, a gig photographer whose images take you down to the mosh pit with them. 

Lens of a Wool a.k.a Jenn – @lens-of-a-wool 

Jenn is a photographer who can take your ideas and capture them through a lens, creating unique stylised images that reflect whatever concept your heart may desire. Jenn also takes exciting gig photography and has made daring ventures into video content platforming local musicians which you can find on Instagram! 

Jessica Seymour Photography – @seymour.snaps 

Jess Seymour is a photographer who captures feelings. Glimmering with grain and gorgeous in their capturing of the moment, this is gig photography like no other. 

Rachel Wonders – @rachelwondersphotography 

It feels almost like a right of passage as a musician in the Liverpool music scene to be captured in ethereal glowing images by Rachel Wonders. Distinct and beautiful, Rachel’s photography is soft, magical and gives an other worldly power to all her subjects. 

Marieke Macklon – @mariekemacklon 

Marieke Macklon is a shining gem in the Liverpool creative scene. With a portfolio bursting with colour, style and talent, Marieke is known for capturing musicians with prestige and professionalism. Marieke is also the studio director of the Creative Street Studio, an independent, friendly, female-run studio, creative space and shop. 


Introducing Liverpool Writers

Orla Foster – @orla.fos 

Orla Foster is a writer with a talent of truly capturing the personality of those she writes about. Each piece feels different, shaped by the energy of the person or place it’s penned about. We had the pleasure of publishing Orla’s work both on our page @wherearethegirlbands and on Melodic Distraction’s magazine https://www.melodicdistraction.com/articles/watgb-orla-foster-in-conversation-with-giorgia-bortoli?id=53656 

Olive – @olive.writing 

Olive is a writer, poet, radio host, spoken word performer, columnist, event organiser and all round lovely person who does everything with the utmost compassion and beauty! Their music writing is raw and composed at once, written with feeling. 

Caitlin Andrews – @caitlin.andrews 

Caitlin Andrews is an accomplished writer who puts her heart into all she writes. A regular at Rodeo Mag and RGM Magazine, Caitlin brings that professional touch to her pieces whilst also keeping her authenticity and individual voice. 

Nali Simukulwa – @nalisheb0

A real talent whose words weave magic, Nali is a writer and a journalist, chronicling feeling and lived experience through sensitive interviews and articles which pour out the soul and open the mind. 

There are tonnes more amazing writers within the local scene, some of which are featured on our page which you can find in the highlight tabs ‘writers’, ‘interviews’ and ‘reviews’. Additionally, here are some local publications where you can find tonnes of incredible writers; 

  • Zinelpool – @zinelpool
  • Aurelia Magazine – @aureliamagazine 
  • ROOT-ed Zine – @rootedzine 
  • Bare Culture Magazine – @bareculturemagazine 


Introduction to Local Musicians 

This is of course not an exhaustive list, and the artists listed below also are not restricted to the rough genre groupings we have placed them within, but these are some recommendations based on genre for if you are looking for inspiration, musicians to collaborate or are working on a line-up for an event! 

A massive thank you to the work of Connor Di Leo and Nina Himmelreich for their comprehensive list of local women in music which was a great help in putting together this resource! You can find it on our instagram page and via flyers that are dotted around music venues throughout the city. 


  • Abby Meysenburg – @abbeymeysenburg 
  • Alison Benson – @alison_benson_music 
  • Almost Autumn – @almost_autumn_music 
  • Amelia Wallace – @ameliabanana
  • Amie K – @amiekmusic 
  • Amy Jo – @amyjoofficial 
  • By The Royal – @bytheroya; 
  • Carey’s Callaghan – @caerys_call_music 
  • Campbell L Sangstar – @clsangster 
  • Sophie Bernice – @sbernicemusic 
  • Loris and the Lion – @lorisandthelion
  • Chloe Noone – @chloenoone_music 
  • Eleanor Boyland – @eleanoriabolandia 
  • Eleanor Nelly – @eleanor_nelly 
  • Elfin Bow – @elfinbow 
  • Ellena Storey – @ellenastoreymusic 
  • Emilie Leslie – @itsemilieleslie 
  • Emily Callacher – @emilycallacher 
  • Emma Skav – @emmaskav
  • Esme Bridie – @esmebridie 
  • Eva Dillon – @evadillonx
  • Evie Moran – @evie.moran 
  • Evie Wright – @eviewrightmusic 
  • Exploring Birdsong – @exploringbirdsong
  • Cherry Jam – @realcherryjam 
  • Fiona Lennon – @fionalennonmusic 
  • Grace Parry – @graceparryy
  • Helen Maw – @helenmawmusic 
  • Isabelle Tarran – @isabelletarran 
  • Jasmine Nash – @jasminnashrocks
  • Jodie Knight – @jodieknightuk
  • Karen Clearly – @karenclearlymusic 
  • Kathryn Williams – @kathrynwilliams 
  • Katie Nicholas – @itskatienicholas 
  • Kayleigh O’Neill – @kayoneill1985
  • Laura Oakes – @lauraoakesmusic 
  • Lauren White – @laurenwhite
  • Libby Akerman – @libbyakermanmusic 
  • Lilly Boughey – @lilly_boughey_music 
  • Lotty – @reallottymusic 
  • Lydia Rowlands – @wake_up_lydia 
  • Mackenzie Miller – @mackenziemillerofficial 
  • Mary Hennessy – @maryhennessy 
  • Me + Deboe – @meanddeboe 
  • Meg Shaw – @megshawsings 
  • Miss Petal Face – @misspetalface
  • Ellie Burke – @ellieburkemusic 
  • Nicola Hardman – @nicola.hardman 
  • Poppy Shrimpton – @poppyshrimpton 
  • Sophie Morgan – @sophiemorganmusic
  • Sarah J – @sljmusic 
  • Ragz Nordset – @ragznordset 
  • RACHL – @rachlmusic 
  • Rachel Burnett – @rachelburnettmusic


Electro/Dream/Experimental Pop 

  • Aimée Britannia – @aimeebritannia 
  • Ana Mae – @anamae_music 
  • Amber Jay – @iamamberjay 
  • Aron – @itsar0n 
  • Nikki and the Waves – @nikkiandthewaves
  • Lazy Girl – @lazygirlmusic 
  • Smallmouth – @smallmouthband 
  • Harriette – @ktharriette 
  • Iamkyami – @imakyami 
  • Jessica Luise – @iamjessicaluise 
  • JETTA – @jettagram 
  • Karman – @karman121001
  • Kristrún – @kristrunmusic 
  • Ladytron – @ladytron
  • Lucy Bell – @lucybellmusicuk
  • Mary Miller – @marymillermillermiller 
  • Melissa Fear – @melissa_fear 
  • Niki Kand – @nikikand 
  • Rise Athena – @riseathena 
  • SAZ – @sazmusic 
  • Sprout – @itsmesprout 
  • Stealing Sheep – @stealingsheep 
  • Sylvia Daley – @sylviadaley 
  • TIËRNY – @iamtierny 
  • Tonia – @heyitstonez
  • Wyndow – @wyndowmusic 


Indie Rock / Indie Pop / Alt-Folk 

  • Dee Rae – @deeraemusic 
  • Aimée Steven – @aimeesteven 
  • Beija Flo – @iambeijaflo 
  • Blondine – @blondineband
  • CAROLINA – @carolinagomzw
  • Clean Cut Kid – @cleancutkidmusic
  • Anyone’s Ghost – @anyonesghost_
  • Hannah’s Little Sister – @hannahslttlsstr 
  • HILMARI – @hilmarimusic 
  • Hushtones – @hushtones_liverpool 
  • Kalima – @kalimatheband 
  • King Hannah – @kinghannahmusic 
  • Martha Goddard – @marthaa_goddard 
  • Maybank – @maybankband
  • Megan Wyn – @meganwyn
  • Natalie McCool – @nataliemccool 
  • Paint Me in Colour – @paintmeincolour
  • PEANESS – @peanessband 
  • Pixey – @iampixey 
  • Ruby Walvin – @ruby.walvin 
  • Sara Wolff – @sarawolff
  • SCARLET – @scarletband 
  • Zuzu – @thisiszuzu 
  • Toria Wooff – @toriawooff 
  • Tilly Louise – @tillylouisemusic 
  • Sundowners – @sundownersofficial 
  • Stores – @storesband 
  • Sophie Li – @ssophiellii
  • Shebeat Jodie – @sheabeatmusic 
  • Seatbelts – @seatbelter 
  • Twenty Twenty 


Dance Music and DJs

  • Aleya Mae – @aleyamaeofficial 
  • Girls Don’t Sync – @girlsdontsync
  • Matty Chiabi – @mattychiabi 
  • Sophia Violet – @sophiavyralls 
  • Hanna Lynch – @hannahlynch_dj
  • G33 – @gaia_ia 
  • Cassine – @cassineb
  • Alien Izz – @alien_izz 
  • Chloe Judge – @chloejudgemusic 
  • ESSEL – @esseluk
  • Katy Alex – @katyalexmusic 
  • Keeley the Producer – @keeleytheproducer
  • Lady Soul – @ladysoulvocals 
  • Lauren Lo Sung – @laurenlosung 
  • Livvy K – @itslivvyk 


Rap / Alt hip-hop / Trill 

  • Miss Deep – @miss_deep_music 
  • P3Lz – @_P3lz 
  • Queen Yue – @queenyue_
  • Raven Radha – @ravenradha 
  • Remée – @thatremeegirl 



  • Amber Kuti – @amberkutimusic 
  • Ni Maxine – @ni_maxine 
  • Giorgia Bortoli – @jazzwithgiorgia 
  • Green Tangerines – @greentangerinesband 
  • Lois Levin – @loislevinmusic 


Soul / Pop-soul / Neo-soul / Soul-fusion 

  • Mica Sefia – @micasefia_
  • Amber Prothero – @amberprothero 
  • Cara Islay – @caraislay 
  • Nye and Islay – @nyeandislay 
  • Charly Beth – @charlybethmusic 
  • Jazmine Johnson – @jazmine.johnson 
  • Marsha Ambrosius – @marshaambrosius 
  • Seafoam Green – @seafoamgreenhq 
  • Tori Cross – @iamtoricross
  • Sense of Sound – @senseofsoundsingers 



  • April Moon – @aprilmoonband 
  • Jade Thunder – @jadethundermusic 
  • ELY – @ely.band 
  • Jenny Colquitt – @jenny.colquitt 
  • Motel Sundown – @motelsundownband 


Punk / Rock and Roll / Alt-rock / Pop Punk 

  • Gen and the Degenerates – @gensdegenerates 
  • Natalie and the Monarchy – @natalieandthemonarchy 
  • Broken Down Golfcart – @brokendowngolfcartsucks 
  • Tits Up – @titsxupxband 
  • Bronnie – @bronniemusic 
  • Crawlers – @crawlersband 
  • CRIMSON – @_crimsonband 
  • Don’t Open Love Letters – @dontopenloveletters 
  • Edith Rose – @edithrosee
  • Maggie Witch – @maggie.witch 
  • GUISE – @guiseofficialmusic 
  • Leoni Jakobi – @leonijakobi
  • The Mysterines – @themysterines 
  • POLKER – @polker_official 
  • Ria Hanley – @ria.hanley 
  • Rival Unit – @rivalunit 
  • STONE – @stoneliverpool
  • Thalia’s Grace – @thaliasgrace_
  • She Drew The Gun – @shedrewthegun 
  • Tokky Horror – @tokkyhorror 
  • Torture and the Desert Spiders – @tortureandthedesertspiders
  • Yee Loi – @theyeeloi 
  • Zombina and the Skeletones – @zombinaandtheskeletones 



  • CHARL – @charlotteeleanorrr
  • Giorgia Bortoli – @giorgiabortoli 
  • Christy Bellis – @christybellisx
  • Claire Welles – @claire.welles 
  • Josephine Grace – @josephinegracemusic 
  • Kerry Feeney – @keeryfeeneymusic 
  • LARO – @songsbylaro
  • Marli – @arimarlili 
  • Maya Roxo – @maya_roxo 
  • Oh Blonde (Maren Holmgren) – @ohblonde_
  • Oh Dear – @ohdearband 
  • Pia Notoriyas – @pianotoriyas 
  • SBR bone and star – @sbr_boneandstar_artist 
  • SKIA – @heyskia 



  • Charli Taft – @charlitaft 
  • Eliza Mai – @elizamaii
  • Faye Donna Francis – @faye.donna.francis 
  • Ginius – @official_ginius 
  • Immi Dash – @immidash 
  • La Femme – @la_femme_music 
  • Molly Green – @iammollygreen 
  • Naila – @nailamusic_
  • Nicola Jane – @nicola_jane_music 
  • Paisleigh B – @paisleighb
  • SHOA – @official_shoa
  • Tabitha Jade – @tabithajadex
  • Sorellè – @officialsorelle 


Experimental / Noise / Ambient 

  • Foxen Cyn – @foxencyn 
  • How You Know – @howyou.know 
  • Anyone’s Ghost – @anyonesghost_
  • Nil00 – @nil00151
  • Polexia – p.o.l.e.x.i.a
  • Rachel Nicholas – @_rachelnicholas 
  • Shockchords – @shockchords 



  • Harks – @_harks 
  • Haarm – @haarmband 
  • Mamatung – @mamatungmusic 
  • San Pedros Vision – @sanpedrosvision 
  • Seagoth – @seagoth.mp3 


Instrumental / Classical / Composer

  • Rachel Dover – @racheldover_ – saxophonist and violinist
  • Rachel Burnett – @rachelburnettmusic_ – saxophonist
  • Sophie Clarke – @sophieclarkesinger – classical singing and opera 
  • Two Black Sheep Music – @twoblacksheepmusic 
  • Jennifer John – @jenniferjohnmusic – Composer, vocal arranger, vocalist, music industry vocal coach.