WATGB EP Review of ‘maybe I’m too much’ by Lucky Iris

‘Maybe i’m too much’, the newly released EP by Leeds-based alt-pop duo Lucky Iris, is a soundtrack for those learning not to shrink themselves. With the shine of hyperpop glistening atop of alternative elements, this release is both sweet and refreshing sonically.

Designed by: Ella Fradgley

The EP begins with ‘23’, an ode to 2023 sang with vulnerability by lead singer Maeve. Riffing on how expectations have turned into a confused reality, the track uses relatable diary like lyrics and softly building soundscapes to give us the space to reflect on our own uncertainty. There is a comfort in the lack of conclusion, both sonically and lyrically, as the song loops and builds musically, echoing the lulls and highs of life as we try our best to figure it out.

Next up is ‘oh no (i guess i did it again)’. The track feels infused with the holy ghost of 2000s Britney Spears princess pop with an alternative, electric edge. Maeve delivers direct lyrics with a velvety punchiness, one-liners you can imagine to be delivered from a juicy couture tracksuit. The rich musicality of the track and catchy melodic hooks keep your head bopping. This is definitely the perfect track to tap your fuzzy-sock-covered feet to while writing in your Burn Book.

‘Blowing Kisses’ moves us from the princess pop to the nostalgia of Wolf Alice-like alt-pop of the 2010s. Romantic and atmospheric, this track is one for sticking your head out the car window and singing along to. The EP as a whole carries a gentleness in its delivery, while each track evolves, builds and reaches highs, throughout there is a tenderness. ‘Blowing Kisses’ is no different, sounding as dreamy as its lyrics.

The title track ‘maybe i’m too much’ glitters instrumentally, digital sparkles accent grungier guitar, something that feels definitive of the Lucky Iris sound in this EP. Thematically, this track feels incredibly empowering, reminding the listener that you can never be too much. It tells us to ake up space, never dilute yourself for others, and it does this musically too, embracing multiple genres and influences to create a feel that is completely unique.

This EP is explorative, compassionate and authentic, treading through distress and joy in equal measure, all to the twinkling sounds of velour vocals and electronic soundscapes.

Have a listen to ‘maybe i’m too much’ on Spotify and check it out on bandcamp here.