WATGB: All in the Same Boat – Poetry Collection

To coincide with their new monthly residency on the MDR airwaves, Where Are The Girl Bands? offer us a monthly glimpse into what they’ve been up to and what’s caught their attention over the past 30 days…

Where are the Girlbands are starting 2022 where we left off – celebrating new and exciting creatives on the Merseyside music scene. On the 6th February we will be hosting the second instalment of our ‘All in the Same Boat’ event at Bloom Building, Birkenhead. This event is a supportive space for creatives starting out (be it in their music careers, or moving into the Merseyside creative scene from another) to perform, meet other new faces on the scene and establish their next steps. 

This month, our line-up is jam packed with poets! While we introduced you to the artists from our last event via a review, we felt there is no better way to introduce a poet than through their own words. So, we present to you today the ‘All in the Same Boat: Poetry Collection’. If you like the work you read here today, head down to Bloom Building Birkenhead on the 6th February to hear these fantastic wordsmiths perform their poetry live (tickets available here).

Alongside these fantastic poets we’re thrilled to have Louis Cross sharing his music too, which you can find more about on our Instagram page. Without further ado, it’s time to get lost at sea within this ocean of poetry.

Lost – Melanie John

Is it just me 

Or does anyone else 

Feel like life is just passing you by 

The Pharcyde 


An oxymoron

To be Lost in the thrill of it all 

An Ocean 

Swimming against the tide

Something bigger than me 


And tryna catch up 

With your peers

Who’ve got it going on 

With the fact 

That Comparison is the Thief of Joy 

Is a mental prison 

That keeps you shackled 

From living Your life


It’s Constipated Cataclysm 



It’s a Tricky Situation

Cus’ Hell’s only around the corner

Hell Ya, Fuckin Right

And them murky, Muddy Waters

Sometimes make you feel Blue 

A Crossroads


Quick fixes 

Soul searching

Eradicate time

To reach your destination



Where in the World is all the Time 

Cus’ you wish you knew

This is the Otherside of the Game 

Didn’t Cha know?


Misery loves bad company 

A mental incapacity 

Sadness is an emotion to tenderly embrace

But never lose yourself

Warped in the illusion

That you’re deserving of no more


Like the soul prophet ruminated

Good Days are always on my mind 


Fuck regret 

An Ex 

Lost Youth 

The here & now 

Should be present in our minds 

That’s the only resolute 

To navigate through 

The Web of neurotic naysayers 

i.e. my mind


Take this mirror

As a reflection 

Of I got you 

Sad Eyes 

Tense demise

They’ll be Better Days to Come


I ain’t Lost No more, are you? 

Erin’s At Work – Tilly Foulkes

I don’t think I should 

Be left alone – I’m too bored

And I’m scared I’ll break 


The washing machine. 

I keep thinking it’s gonna 

take off, a spaceship 


made of clean towels

and daz or whatever it 

uses in there. It’s 


getting aggressive,

it’s gargling and gurgling like

an ancient sea beast 


and foaming at the 

mouth, a rabid wolf drunk on

fabric softener


flinging and spitting

my towels all about. The 

kitchen floor hums with 


uncurbed yet clean rage 

I feel it vibrate in the 

Soles of my cold feet


At last –


the screams soften. The 

barbaric gargoyle 

of sanitation 


releases his fangs, 

his sterile teeth retreat back

into his white gums 


For now – we’re safe; no 

Fatalities or dyed red

Sheets. Until next time…


Hayley Coleman 

silk is frank 

oceans apart from where I am 

locomotion’s created

from words spoken 

occur so naturally, effortlessly 

he undresses 

depresses me 

lullabies bless me 

lost in the weightless gracious 

cool as ice 

boy in my wet dreams tonight 

So I wake 


To write 

That I’ll just never keep up

Through my eyes – Claire Beerjeraz

 Hear me out

Let me in

I am propagated for just one thing

This industry likes to play their cards wisely

I am their prop and puppet for diversity

My racial identity makes me proud,

But what’s challenging is fitting in within this crowd,

Or at least enough to be taken more seriously

For someone to empower and platform my creativity

I get conveyed that my words hold power and worth

But when it comes to showcasing it

I feel limited to where I can turn

I try to construct my own space

but end up getting used and treated poorly

Because I don’t feel like I have any other choice or opportunity

To get my work perceived or received by others

Hard to rearrange my time for fake headhunters

We’ll only work with you if you already have clout

Or if your name is known by the right crowd

We need more safe spaces

Not private places

Not a VIP exclusive know the right contact sort of placement

There is so much room for artistic outlets

So why do I only see the same faces in creative programmes?

Where are the newcomers or people who have been waiting for their time to


And at what cost?

Maybe there isn’t one

But convening here on the outside, waiting for the doors to open

It sure as hell seems like there is a secret password to make things unbroken

I get expended and then dropped

End of Black history month

Showcasing comes to an end

Be silent now

Hold your breathe

It grows futile around here

If you don’t fit the mold

Of a perfect imposter to a white world

These matters they haunt me

It tells me to question my integrity


And because I am mixed

My truth seems diluted

Because I don’t quite fit the stereotype of what I meant to be like

Shades of black don’t exist to many

Colourism in this industry trust me there’s plenty

Not quite fitting the role of my own words I have written

Because my complexion wasn’t dark enough for someone else’s vision

My experiences of mental health, racism, and sexism,

Met by a disguised shadow of microaggressions.

Enough of the fake woke behaviour

The “we’ve done enough” because we hired someone of colour

What does that even mean?

How does that improve?

What further are you doing, to create more than just a marketing move?

I shouldn’t have to devote every single day, working twice as hard

Shouting pick me

Just to be given a glance

True diversity includes all, there isn’t a limit

Not just your ambassadors you use for your company image

More growth to be made

To evolve and come together

To listen and learn

From everyone because they matter

So we can use our different cultures and views

To generate discussions and work we can all contribute to

We can go so much further by being able to explore

In a way that is inclusive to all

Give more people the chance, and start trying to break that control

Illusions no more, new standards to uphold

It’s our time to be heard.

We can form a universal platform for creation

Take a step back and then take 3 forward

Make a change now, take from this what applies

Because this is the reality of the world through my eyes.

The club in Portugal that let girls in for free – Lucy Butler

On the dancefloor we thaw

Into each other, lips salty with heat,


The crowd twists and swells 

around us, a shoal of drunken tourists


with sticky eyes marinating 

our bodies: we’re some rare, exotic meat.


A shark-smiled woman appears,

says something swept away by music, 


Do you mind, could the two of you kiss

for my husband? she repeats.


We resist, she persists, it’s his dream

she insists. Trapped in the mesh of crowd,


vision rocking, we weigh up the risks

twist up wire lips in defeat.


The sound of liberation is a dozen fists 

pounding against aquarium glass 


she turns to a man with blood in his drink

says honey, I’ve caught you a treat.


Drool steams from his eyes, our lips

salted with fear, push together 


and the world shudders, all those hands

thudding, a floundering heartbeat.

Version of you – Zara Jama

What version of you is the true you 
Is it the one surrounded by family 
Completely careless or maybe reserved 
The one only presented to a select few 
Carefully picked and sorted 
To upkeep that version of you

What version of you is the true you
Maybe it’s the one surrounded by friends
The goofy laughs and the deep talks 
The emotional outbursts and late night walks
Until the end of the road is reached and it’s the end 
Of that version of you

What version of you is the true you 
Could it be the working one 
The polite nods and the determined one 
The anxious and constantly tired one 
Maybe with a break you’ll find 
The truest version of you

But maybe that version of you was you all along 
Engulfed in the escapades of life 
Surrounded by loved ones and strangers alike 
You quickly come to find and realise 
The true version of you is you simply being you

Shadow Tree – Kaya Bee

Take solace, shadow tree
Standing alone.
A visual mirage to your surroundings.
Burnt amber,
Mellow tones,
Yellow and orange flecks of sky.
The floor falls beneath you
Hidden in the dark of dusk
You solider on,
Taking the podium in this performance.
I smile at the beauty
You have created,
Smile and be
Smile with me.
I take solace in you,
Shadow tree.

Breakup – Josh Banks

I try to move on,
but I see him
I guess that hair
must be in style
or he can just stay
in my mind.
A while
I wish I was stronger.
Able to get over
a silly boy,
cause my heart
is not a toy!!