Voz Di Sanicolau – Fundo De Marê Palinha

Analog Africa’s second release of 2020 features six coladeira and morna tracks recorded in 1976, featuring Joana Do Rosario who became the first Cabo Verdean woman ever to appear on a long playing record.

In 1976, seven Cabo Verdean musicians going by the name Voz Di Sanicolau gathered in a small recording studio in Rotterdam where they laid down an album of fearsome coladeira songs inspired by the music of their home island of São Nicolau.

The album took only a few days to record, which may explain the unexpected urgency that fires each track. Treble-soaked electric guitar lines snake back and forth through percussion-and-cavaquinho driven rhythms rooted in the sound of the islands established by the previous generation of Cabo Verdean émigrés; subtle keyboards wash through the background, and the vocals, traded between Joana do Rosario and Tô-Zé, alternately push the music forward and soar above it.

The resulting album is both deeply felt and fiercely executed, and in its grooves one hears the sound of some of the finest Cabo Verdean musicians of their era locked in complete unity of purpose.

 Voz Di Sanicolau – Fundo De Marê Palinha is out on July 10th. Buy it HERE.