Various Artists – A Different Boy

The latest release from local label & purveyors of experimental, boundary pushing electronic music Emotion Wave, sees a complete reworking of label affiliate Bye Louis’s The Same Boy by some of the most exciting electronic & electronica producers in the North West and beyond…

Entitled A Different Boy, the album came about after Bye Louis shared out the tracks from his previous album and asked those who were interested to try and construct something new.

As he explains, “Late last year, I put all of the constituent parts of The Same Boy in a public folder and told anyone that was interested that they could take as many or as few of those parts as they liked, to make something new.”

As a result, we now have a really interesting and diverse collection of new tracks that don’t feel like they are mine at all. Each track is the work of the producer who got on board with the project. That my music provided some of the raw materials is such a tiny part of this collection, because the ideas are all brand new. My input is at least one step away.

A Different Boy is about how far an idea can travel and change. It’s about being okay with the loss of ownership, and enjoying that process.”

A Different Boy is out now on Emotion Wave’s Bandcamp – you can cop it HERE. All profits made from the sale of the A Different Boy compilation on Bandcamp will go to Comics Youth, a Liverpool-based charity that Bye Louis has worked with.