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Ukraine in Focus… To celebrate our collaboration with Eurovision we are delving into the musical careers and minds of some of the amazing Ukrainian Artists and Projects that will be going live on Melodic Distraction this month.

In this edition of Ukraine in Focus, we talk to eclectic electronic producer and owner of United Rhythms record label PVLV.


1)  Hello, Pavlov
You are an amazing music producer with releases on labels such as Holding Hands, Dim Sum Records and Outhouse Sounds, can you tell us a little bit about describe yourself and your music for the people who have never heard you?

Hello! I am very pleased to and thanks for the nice words!
I’m a 28 year old producer/dj, based in Odesa, Ukraine. I started my career three years ago.

My sets combine techno aesthetics with swung UK garage and post-dubstep bassweight in a way that feels fresh and unusual. I refuse to be pigeonholed into one specific sound. I  showcase everything from hip-hop, dancehall, bass & breaks through to techno, jungle, dubstep and grime.


2)  You also run your own label, United Rhythms. Can you tell us about the sound of your label and what it was created for, how do you feel about the creation process?

I don’t know how to describe the sound of a label, It’s always easier to post links than to describe in words.
United Rhythms came about because I make my own music and I didn’t want to look to others for an answer. Plus, I started to get a lot of good music from producers and DJs and I thought it was a great opportunity to meet talented people.
I’ve always wanted my own label and to have a like-minded team, I think this motivation has made me even more creative. I’m happiest when I know I can release a version of music tomorrow if I want to. So, creating United Rhythms has done a lot for me psychologically. I really enjoy being part of the creation of everything from artwork to video.
So, essentially I started UR to release my own music as well as songs from my friends and dj’s and to discover and celebrate new talents.


3)    You released a great track entitled ‘You ‘ on friend of the stations ‘Outhouse Sounds’, can you tell us about this track and how it came about?

When I sat down to work, I did not set myself the task of making a track in any particular genre/style. I tried to feel free, and where this freedom will lead me – I myself do not know. But that was the whole point!
I just used samples, notes and instruments that seemed appropriate and didn’t think about the big picture, melody or atmosphere.

It took several evenings to create this track. Work on it was in the same breath.
Now, looking back, I can safely say that I’m not happy with how it sounds.


4)    What was your first musical memory/first record that you ever bought?

It’s interesting to think back. Probably right around the end of middle school going into high school. It was when I first started to listen to the radio,  I would hit the record button for my favorite tracks and then spread them around the school with a friend. Looking back, it’s funny, my taste wasn’t actually too bad. I still listen to the radio, pretty much every day.
It took me a while to realize what I really want from music. So for a while, I wandered through the genres on the musical spectrum from romanian techno to disco/house etc.  I still can’t say there is any genre I like most, but I guess I have always had a constant love for broken music.



5)    Who would be your dream artist to play alongside at the moment?

oh I  can’t really pin down one artist and or composer that particularly inspires/like  because there are so many fine composers, so I find it very hard I can’t choose one of the hundred/thousand, but I really love and find what’s going on in the U.K. right now with  sound really inspiring. Maybe it would be Jossy Mitsu or Om Unit


6)    Do you have any new and exciting project in the works that you can possibly share with us?

At the moment has already accumulated some amount of new material, but I’m not sure if I want to release it anywhere) maybe some of these tracks will be played in today’s radio show.

there is also a lot of unfinished material on which I try to work when there is inspiration and time. I want to experiment with electronic sound and a lot of projects are very different in sound and speed.


8) At the moment, you are based and making music in Odesa, Ukraine, how has the war affected the music industry and what is life like there currently?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended every aspect of life in the country, including its thriving music community. Russia’s invasion has put its whole future at risk.

Nobody knows when the war will end, so people can’t be sitting at home scared for our lives all the time. Recently, Ukrainians have begun to go to restaurants and cinemas again. Daytime activities that finish before the imposed 11:00 pm curfew are being organised, with all funds received being given to the army.


9)    Can you please recommend 5 of your favourite Ukrainian artists/creatives at the moment for our readers to check out!

There are a lot of talented musicians in Ukraine and it’s quite difficult for me to answer this question.
I shall just name the first ones that come to mind!


Jungle Rootz

Subtle Radio · United Rhythms w/ PVLV Feat Jungle Rootz – Subtle Radio – 23/11/2022


Native Outsider

Progressive Future · Modern



Rinse France · Monotronique – 28 Février 2022



KOLOAH · Delusion



lostlojic · Grassburner



melihron · ode to eternity

Thank you for the interview
In turn, I want to thank you for your interest in my person! And thank you for another opportunity to reveal yourself through this interview.


|| PVLV ||