Turnend Tapes – Da’aro Youth Compilation

Turnend Tapes presents the Da’aro Youth Compilation. An album consisting of various sounds and textures spanning 11 tracks with the involvement of 13 artists. 

Da’aro Youth // The Injera Club is the main project run by Da’aro youth which is a community-led organisation supporting young refugees from the Horn of Africa.

They aim to promote the wellbeing of these migrant young people living in the UK, through direct support, building bridges in the Eritrean community and through advocating for changes to unfair and discriminatory systems which undermine their wellbeing. Given the current escalation of conflict in Ethiopia and Eritrea Turned Tapes have decided to support this charity with the compilation.

This exciting forthcoming compilation is one we at MDR HQ can’t wait to hear – for more information head on over to the Turnend Tapes Bandcamp page!