Surgeon – The Golden Sea

Ilian Tape, one of the hottest labels in the game, turn to techno royalty for their next release. 

The critically acclaimed label are responsible for some of the most forward thinking and exciting techno and IDM music of the last few years. It therefore comes as little surprise that they have teamed up with a producer who has been one of the driving forces of the UK techno for nearly two decades and whose own productions are as versatile and diverse as those on Ilian Tape.

The three track EP, which features gorgeous cover artwork in the form of an oil painting by Bettina Zenker, sees the British artist deliver three choice cuts that fit seamlessly into the Ilian tape mantra of dynamic and emboldened electronic music.

The EP’s titular track “Golden Sun” features polyrhythmic highs over a thick layer of thumping kicks with a subtle, yet noodley nonetheless, acid line. By contrast in “Aqua Marina”, the record’s second track, the synth is more pronounced. It urgently oscillates and reverberates (over some trademark Surgeon weight percussion) in such a way that it’s impossible not to make connections to the sounds of deep sea sonar deployed by submarines that the track’s title is potentially subtly alluding to (“Aqua Marina” is the name of the track that plays during the credits of legendary puppeteer Gerry Anderson’s deep sea adventure show Stingray after all!). The final track “Hostages Of The Deep” again plays with the subaquatic motive, and could be interpreted as Child’s sonic homage to the trailblazing music and mythology of Drexciya, electronic music’s pioneering abyssopelagic explorers.

Golden Sun is out for release on Ilian Tape on 18 February 2020. Preorder it here.