Roots & Influences: Not Bad For A Girl

Roots and Influences invites our favourite artists, local and afar, to curate a playlist of 10 songs that have inspired their career to date. In celebration of the release of their debut compilation ‘Big Bally Beats 001’, we catch up with Manchester-based DJ collective and record label Not Bad For A Girl.

Born from a shared love of music/events and hatred of gender inequality, NBFAG are a breath of fresh air to the music industry, championing women and non-binary people in electronic music through equal opportunities, equal pay and equal parts spirit and mixer. ‘Big Bally Beats 001′ is a nine track compilation made up of tracks solely by Manchester-based female and non-binary artists, dancing across an eclectic spectrum of genres and moods from dancefloor-ready bass music and lush breaks to punchy, syncopated glom and vibrant house. Ahead of their label launch party at Manchester’s The Old Abbey Taphouse this evening, we chat to each producer about the main track that inspired them… Listen to the selections below!



Dinamite – Doxa selected by Vindya

Dinamite’s ‘Doxa’ inspired my track ‘Vaccination’. As it was my first attempt at making a techno tune, I wanted to keep things simple. The bare bones of  ‘Vaccination’ consist of a punchy bassline, supported by a sub-bass coupled with prominent, reverberant, polyrhythmic hi-hats. Aside from manipulating the filters for these sounds, I developed the track by introducing a syncopated hook during the first break.


LCY – Hackney Pigeon selected by DaiSu

I love LCY’s percussion-heavy production style and their use of spooky sounds to create weird, industrial soundscapes. Although a lot of their tracks (particular older ones) are fairly short, each one packs a punch that has inspired a lot of my music.


Yu Su – Melaleuca selected by Egg on Toast

As my first ever release, I really wanted to take the listener on a journey and reflect the idea of entering into something new. The producer Yu Su has definitely massively influenced my production style. I love the idea of bringing nature-like tones when producing and I tried to weave that into this track in playful ways. The wet acid, the warm sunlight reflecting off the synths and the storm like breaks at the end.

It’s definitely not a perfect track, but I wanted to get it out because I felt really stuck with it. I felt that this VA was a safe space to explore and understand my production style a little more!


Kerri Chandler – I Feel It selected by Nastasy

This is a perfect dance track in my opinion. It’s very beautiful and a definitely a lil dark, but has a ‘soldiering on’ determination to it. The organ breakdown has a godliness/hammering of the truth. Each section is so perfectly paced and placed. It’s a masterpiece to be honest.


Machine Girl – Excruciating Deth selected by DJ Soyboi

Machine Girl is probably one of my favourite electronic acts. They blend all sorts of genres into fast melodic chaos. I love how they channel a lot of punk and hardcore energy into their work! My track ‘Reticulated’ is inspired by reticulated pythons (also just snakes in general), which is one of the longest snake species in the world! I tried to make a tune that was a bit more dnb focused than jungle, with sounds that reminded me of well… snakes. In terms of tunes, there’s an EP in the works of hard jungle, featuring a collab with the amazing salt pillar as well!


Lone – Airglow Fires selected by Bun Lovin

I think Lone will always be my favourite producer. When I first heard his music, I couldn’t believe how perfect each song was. It paved the way for me to discover my own sound. This track in particular is, in my opinion, one of the best of a wonderful bunch. Many of my tracks are inspired by the “megatropolis” scenery seen in Japanese cities or other major Asian cities. Lights, movement, energy. This is one of them. Named for my dog, because the finished track reminded me a lot of her personality, and she was a loyal, comforting companion while finishing the track.


DJ Polo, Scratcha DVA – Headtop selected by Maracuya

A track that has influenced my production is Headtop by DJ Polo and Scratcha DVA. I’m incredibly inspired by the way that both Scratcha and Polo are combining amapiano and UK funky right now. They are essentially creating a new genre in of itself, by utilising the classic amapiano log drum bass sound along with heavier drum elements taken from UK funky. I’ve taken inspiration from this in some production that I’ve been doing, and I’ve started to experiment with the log drum bass when producing other genres as well. My track ‘Black Ice’ is the first track that I’ve ever released on a label. It’s a GQOM track that takes obvious inspiration from South African music, but I also used some classic rave vocal samples to give it a UK touch. The track is very dark and brooding and builds up slowly but surely, making it perfect for a warm-up set.


Tyler The Creator – New Magic Wand selected by PERiiSU

I’m a huge fan of big, booming, bassy sounds that intensify, especially when the chorus hits. I’m also starting to appreciate more bridges and melody/chord transitions in songs. So watching Tyler perform New Magic Wand live at the 2020 Grammys gave me a feeling of wanting to create something magical; something that ‘builds up’ with multiple sounds as the tracks progresses. You’ll hear that in my future music releases too.


John B – Up All Night selected by Mystique

For my track I have chosen John B’s ‘Up All Night’. As of recent, I have been re-listening to a lot of old school tunes especially jungle, hardcore and drum & bass. I especially love the long energy-filled build ups, they’re always tinged with so much emotion and euphoria. This is definitely something I look to emulate, especially in some of my more recent productions.


‘Big Bally Beats 001’ is out now on Not Bad For A Girl – support below!