Roots & Influences Mix #010: Admin

We caught up with Admin after our Winter Party to arrange a Roots & Influence mix; spanning his idols, expansive record collection and the sounds that influence his productions and selections on the dancefloor…

“I recorded this mix on a very lazy Sunday morning with a hot cup of tea and some incense burning. It’s a light and jazzy mix with positive energy and some of my absolute favourite records and I really enjoyed recording it. I wanted to progress through many styles and genres that influence me and to also play music that has strong messages in promoting ideas of love, happiness and spirituality – all things that I believe our world needs a lot more of!”

Admin, has been producing for a small number of years, although his productions would tell a different story. Listening through his repertoire you would expect the level of detail and musicianship that can be heard  to be of someone who’s been in the game for decades. Clever sampling work combined with notable jazz-house fusion in many cases, Admin’s productions are as much dancefloor-ready as they are prepped for relaxation as he draws influences from a broad pool of genres including jazz, funk, soul and disco. Sharing his music far and wide, Admin has released EPs on a broad array of labels including Boogie Café, Sleazy Beats, Banoffee Pies and Omena Records.

After we invited Admin up from Bristol to spin some records at our Winter Party, we thought it was only right we bring you all a brand new Roots & Influence mix from the man himself. With a thirst for digging and a hugely eclectic ear for music, Adam Wickens (a.k.a Admin) came at us with one of our favourite sets at Melodic Distraction – and one of our most diverse Roots & Influences mixes yet. Putting “universal love” at the centre of his direction for this mix, Admin finds a sense of unity between genres through this common ground while displaying his versatility as a producer and selector, sourcing out some truly incredible records. Whether it be jazz, soul, funk, gospel, 80s, reggae, Brazilian, island disco or even Italian TV theme, this mix is jam packed with everything love-based…(see what we did there?) We recommend this one as a slow morning burner to accompany your salmon & eggs…make it a sophisticated and easy start to your day!

As his reputation in Bristol and beyond continually grows, he hosts regular disco parties closer to home whilst appearing on more and more bills nationwide. His talent for mixing and reading audiences is as flawless as we saw at our Winter Party, blending disco and house together seamlessly while continually elevating the energy in the room. Adam Wickens is certainly one to keep an eye on in 2017. Shout out to Admin for such a quality, vinyl-only, mix!


Marvin “Hannibal” Peterson – The Prayer

Alice Coltrane – Bhaja Govindam

Sun Ra – Love From Outer Space

Wendell Harrison – Ginseng Love

Jennifer Lara – I’m In Love

Flowers – For Real (Edit)

Steve Marshall – Creative Happiness

Nathaniel Best – We Need Love

The Supreme Jubilees – You Don’t Know

MFSB – Love Has No Time Or Place

Cosmos Universal Band – Third Eye

Carla Fauche – Love

Cassiano – Onda

Giuliano Sorgini – Space & Freedom