Roots & Influences Mix #009: Elliot Hutchinson (Dig Vinyl)

Introducing the Roots & Influences series; a mix showcasing the music driving and inspiring some of Melodic Distraction’s favourite artists and DJ’s.

Purveyors of all things musical, the team down at Bold Street’s Dig Vinyl have been busy cultivating a name for themselves as the most eclectic vinyl merchants in town. On any given day, you can expect to find yourself digging through sounds from around the known universe; indie, soul, funk, punk, beats, breaks and a whole lot more. With the digging experience always accompanied by Elliot’s personal selections on the in-store record player, more often than not, you find yourself leaving a few bucks lighter but certainly a few records happier.

With selections including Donald Byrd’s “Dominoes” from the 1975 fusion classic Places and Spaces, and Special Touch’s outstanding 1981 track “This Party is Just for You,” Elliot’s first outing for Melodic Distraction is nothing short of educational!

The track list for this one is going to be on an, if ya know ya know basis, but we are confident that should you not be able to find an I.D. yourself, a trip down to Dig Vinyl will most likely provide you with the answers to all of life’s burning questions!

With this mix still on repeat in our studio, all we can say is: Thanks, Elliot. You the man! Visit Dig Vinyl here and pay them a visit in the basement of 80 Bold St.