Roots & Influences: Koj

Roots and Influences invites our favourite artists, local and afar, to curate a playlist of 10 songs that have inspired their career to date. Fresh from the release of new single ‘Vulnerable’ with The Mouse Outfit, we’ve invited Liverpool-based artist, The Mouse Outfit frontman and OzMob member Koj, to share his picks!

Koj is a diverse talent and an essential name to know in the Liverpool rap canon. Koj’s belief in the power and inspirational impact of music is clear as he talks us through his musical influences, from Loyle Carner’s effortless delivery to Potter Payper’s agile lyricism. Take a listen and have a read below… 



Stephen Marley – False Friends

I’m going to draw for the Marley family a few times in these 10 songs. As a rastafari I deem reggae music to be gospel music – the ultimate truth. 

Skepta – Bullet From A Gun

This song is the perfect blend of what music should be. The beat almost shapeshifts along while Skepta gives us realness and relevance all in one. Modern classic!

Loyle Carner – Yesterday 

The way LC glides so effortlessly through these high-quality productions is really something special. Hearing songs like this inspires me to slow it down and really talk to them. 

Damian Marley (feat. Nas) – Nah Mean

Two greats collide on an unruly tune. Watch the video when you get home – goosebumps.

Meekz – Respect the Come Up

This song is truly inspirational. One of those tunes you put on first thing in the morning to ensure you spend your day the right way.

Damian Marley (feat. Stephen Marley) – Medication 

This tune hammers home the message everyone needs to hear. Locking up innocent people over plants considered by many as medicine, is not right. 

Potter Payper – Trapstar Memoirs

Such a relatable song for somebody like me. Potter has such a way with words. When it’s time for him to make you feel something, the tune becomes so powerful. 

Jay Z – 4:44

I don’t have to explain this one, right?

Electronic Light Orchestra – Showdown

Epic. Absolute scenes. Sometimes I like to come away from heavily dense lyricism and listen to the band do their thing. This tune right here symbolises that to a T.

Stephen Marley (feat. Damian Marley & Buju Banton) – Jah Army

My favourite track to play when I have to get myself up for it. If I’m going on a walk or I have a mission to do, this song fires me up something wicked!

Check out Koj’s latest single ‘Vulnerable’ with The Mouse Outfit below!