Roots and Influences: Gazer Beam

Roots and Influences invites our favourite artists, local and afar, to curate a playlist of 10 songs that have inspired their career to date. This week, we chat with Liverpool-based producer Gazer Beam! 

We caught up with our pals Machine to chat about their White Label project, a limited edition vinyl run featuring tracks from unsigned local producers. The campaign, in collaboration with meraki and ourselves, is an opportunity to shift tunes from your desktop to a place of discovery, spurred on by the lack of opportunities for artists in lockdown.

We chat with one of the lucky producers selected, Gazer Beam! Fresh to the scene, Gazer Beam has been producing for around a year now. Dabbling with instruments and loving music for as long as he can remember, it was lockdown that opened Gaz’s eyes to the possibilities that just a laptop and software could provide. Introduced by his housemate to Logic Pro, Gaz was instantly hooked – from there, the rather aptly-named debut EP ‘Stereo Pandemic‘ was born. We dive into the sounds that have inspired Gazer Beam and his material so far, spanning house, italo, disco, breakbeat and more – check it out below!

Cyber People – Digital Signal Processor

The lead synths in this song are out of this world. I first heard Cyber People at Kitchen Street a year or so ago (thank you to whoever was warming up for Gerd Janson!) This led to my discovery of other top Italo groups, such as Koto and Hypnosis. 

Confidence Man – Out The Window

This Australian duo make some seriously catchy music. They’re masters of writing infectious basslines and sassy lyrics. 

Pet Shop Boys – So Hard (D Morales Red Zone Mix)

I take tonnes of inspiration from 80s artists like the Pet Shop Boys. This remix is so well put together, you can probably guess by now that I love short punchy bass synths.

Propellerheads – Take California (Short One)

My interest in breakbeat came partly from my housemate Joe, and partly from watching The Matrix. Songs like this inspire me to include spoken word samples in my music.

Palms Trax – To Paradise

The first time I listened to this my response was ‘this is everything music should be’. Palmsy is arguably my favourite DJ, he shares my love for italo disco and I never get bored of his euphoric pads and twinkly top end.

The Jungle Giants – Heavy Hearted (Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson 2AM Remix)

I had to go for this one to pay homage to inspiring Liverpool artists. The drums are beautifully erratic, groovy acid bass and those noise-gated chords. Just fantastic.

Crazy P – One True Light

This group essentially got me into dance music in 2016. Ron Basejam is an idol of mine; as a group they are incredible musicians, and it shows in their live performances. Some other early inspirations would be Fatima Yamaha and Chaos in the CBD.

Daniel Dimbas – La Musique (Palms Trax Edit)

This tune sparked my interest in global sounds – it would be pretty hard for me to produce something like this as a whole, but I try to incorporate elements from various styles into my own music. Tunes like this are why I love watching Hunee sets.

CRi – Never Really Get There (Gerd Janson remix)

Gerd Janson is one of the best remixers out there for me. He’s really good at writing arpeggios to sit under a track and making the drums hit harder.

Yello – The Expert

This Swiss Duo are often only known by their biggest hit ‘Oh Yeah’. I urge people to explore further into their 40 years in the electronic music game if they haven’t already! Their music is so unique, creative and just pure genius. Boris Blank’s mission is to invite people to step into his music rather than to be facing a wall of sound.

Gazer Beam has just released new single ‘How It Feels Baby’ – check it out below, and follow Machine for updates on their upcoming White Label project.