Premiere: Two Tail – Cat Mask [Ad Hoc Records, 2018]

Despite his young age, Two Tail is an incredibly accomplished producer. Having released on labels the likes of; Eton Messy, Shadow City Records, Dansu Discs and more, it’s surprising to find that the born and bred Mancunian is still a student.

With multiple physical and digital releases behind him; Two Tail now dons his Ad Hoc hat – producing a club-focused foot stomper laced with sultry Latin piano grooves. Eclectic percussion lines the track from start to finish with an undercurrent of global grooves taking listeners around the world.

Now onto their third release, and second compilation – Ad Hoc Records are continuing their steadfast work of unearthing Manchester’s hidden gems, polishing them up and giving them to the world!

Take a look at the Ad Hoc Records website to find out more about this forward-thinking label, music agency and clothing brand…

Ad Hoc 003 is out on Friday 19th February and will be available via Bandcamp.