News: meraki is safe (for now!)

Last year, our beloved venue meraki was faced with a residential development across the street of 200+ apartments. Thanks to the care, love and help of the committed Liverpool community, meraki has been saved (for now!)

Feature image by Danny de la Bastide

To celebrate, the hard-working folks have dropped a brand new tee and hoody combo called ‘THIS IS A NIGHTCLUB’. Available in black and the very limited ‘Roof Green’, the two-sided design is a small slice of gratitude pie to everyone who helped during the campaign. Whether that was a submitted representation, words of encouragement or a pat on the back; none of it went unnoticed and is a gentle reminder of how supportive our music-loving community really is. G’wan, Liverpool!

Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean one of our fav stomping grounds is safe forever. Another building around the corner could apply for planning permission tomorrow for all we know, but for the time being, at least we can all party with a little less baggage this weekend.

For more info on the merch drop head here, and to join tha darnse check out meraki’s listings here!



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