News: Comics Youth Launch Safe Spaces Event Series

Comics Youth are launching 3 safe spaces events across August. Taking place at Bloom Building and Lovelocks Coffee Shop, the events span live music, book readings and creative workshops. 

All events are open to the public and are free to attend. The series is run by Comics Youth, a non-profit CIC supporting young people across Merseyside to make their own comics and zines.

No Tears Just Queers – Bloom Building – Sunday 7th August

No Tears Just Queers is a neurodiverse and Queer friendly day to night live music event featuring local artists, local musicians and local DJs. The aim of this event is to create a sensory friendly and safe environment for LGBTQIA* and marginalised people to experience live music and artwork.

Open Book – Lovelocks Coffee Shop – Wednesday 24th August

Open Book is a safe space book event/club that encourages people to read more diversly and focusses on own voice narratives. The event will include a book reading for children, a  space to find new books and a discussion around diverse and inclusive literature for young adults.

The intention of the event is to create a safe community space to discuss books. The event aims to advertise diversity within books, helping people to find books that represent them and other marginalised people. The event will promote own-voice-narratives, ensuring that the books displayed are authentically representative of the people they’re written about.

The children’s reading in the morning aims to introduce parents and children to diverse literature from a young age, encouraging parents to learn about their children’s identity to help their kids feel understood, cared for and loved. Children’s books around diversity also help parents to find the language to have conversations around identity with their children.

The afternoon event is open to young adults and people of all ages. The event aims to allow those who are older and didn’t see themselves reflected in media to be able to see what exists out there for them now.

 The Healing Festival – Bloom Building – Friday 26th August, Saturday 27th August

The Healing Festival is a two-day event providing community healing spaces around Queerness and racial identity through creative workshops, movement and discussion.

The event aims to bring people together in a safe sober space, creating a sense of interconnectedness and a connected healing.

These creative workshops will give space for exploration of identity, providing tools to take into everyday life, carrying a sense of collective healing and amplified understanding.