News: Africa Oyé Hip-Hop Showcase in association with L100 & No Fakin’

In association with L100 and No Fakin’, Africa Oyé present a hip-hop showcase at Liverpool Philharmonic’s Music Room next month.

Happening on Thursday 3rd February, the night will celebrate a wealth of talent from across the Liverpool backyard, alongside stars from the African continent. This collaborative event will explore the eclecticism and depth of the genre in collaboration with Liverpool DJ legends No Fakin’ and L100’s DJ 2Kind, who have handpicked the city’s finest young MCs.

The night will also feature performances from some of our favourite scouse artists Philly D, the L100 Cypher and MC Nelson. Taking inspiration not just from hip-hop but from the historical lineage of black music, Nelson always puts on a show that is as spell-binding as it is educational. He is also inspired by the role of Griots, who held a prestigious position in West-African culture, which is present in Nelson’s music when he tackles and interrogates the ideas of those around him.

L100’s DJ 2Kind and No Fakin’ DJs will also be on hand to keep the Music Room moving in between the live acts, so don’t sleep – grab your ticket here!