News: 40 Years of Pagoda Arts

Liverpool’s Pagoda Arts Centre, home for the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra and Dancing Group, are celebrating their 40th birthday! To celebrate, the project is planning a documentary and a series of performances to serve the local community.

The Pagoda of One Hundred Harmony in Liverpool was opened in 1982; the first building purposely built for the Chinese community in Europe. This was the realisation of a dream for Britain’s oldest Chinese community, dating back to the 1840s when seamen arrived from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. 

Since the opening, the centre has welcomed all to their activities and services including arts, culture, education and mental wellbeing. Mr K. H. Li also established the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra (PCYO) in 1983, the first and largest in Europe. Now under Zi Lan Liao’s direction, Pagoda Arts is now recognised as a national leader in the field of Chinese music development and is known for its interesting fusions and collaborations. 

Over the course of 2023, there will be 4 special performances across Liverpool. The first, ‘Pearl River to Mersey River’, will take place on 27th January at The Philharmonic Music Room, featuring instrumental music and traditional/folk singing from China. This will be followed by:

  • ‘Celebration of Youth’ on 5th March at The Tung Auditorium, featuring PCYO, In Harmony Ensemble, Resonate Music Hub and Merseyside Singing Choir.
  • Celebration of Generations’ on the 6th May at Philharmonic Music Room, featuring fusion music, ESEA folk music and more.
  • ‘Celebration of Legacy’ on 15th July, with Jah Wobble and Chinese Dub.
  • ‘Celebration of Friendship’ in October, a performance with PCYO and Liverpool Welsh Choral.

Find out more about Pagoda Arts with their MDR guest show hosted by Zi Lan Liao below: