New Releases: Shen – Rim Zhim

Liverpool-based electronic producer Shen presents his debut EP ‘Rim Zhim’, a 3-part sonic journey for the dance-floor. 

Produced and written over the course of a year, ‘Rim Zhim’ is an exciting, bold first statement from producer, songwriter, instrumentalist and ‘Nostromo’ radio host Chris Shennan, under his ‘Shen’ alias. Encompassing a variety of tones and moods across 3 tracks, the reflective opener ‘Rim Zhim’ (meaning ‘shower’; ‘rain’ in Hindu) revolves around a Bollywood sample. ‘Tia’ (part two) has its feet firmly in dance-floor territory, with fellow local producer Arp-Hld providing a killer remix of the title track for the closer, featuring synth flavours and drum punch.

Using various vintage synths and outboard equipment via Liverpool’s Production Room, Shen manages to create a consistent yet diverse musical thread throughout the record.

‘Rim Zhim’ will be out independently via Bandcamp on December 2nd and available to stream on Spotify. In the meantime, check out the title track and pre-order the EP below: