New Releases: Derrick Nenzo – Had Enough

Provoked by the rising cost of living and a strong scouse foundation, Derrick Nenzo returns from hiatus with a brand-new self-directed music video.

Had Enough’s stylistic impact pairs perfectly with the track’s grungy drums, anthemic chorus and relentless energy. Coated in boisterously coloured, 1950s-inspired set designs and plenty of Guy Fawkes and Charlie Chaplin references, the video is Nenzo’s very own ‘f*** you’ to the British Conservative Government. But don’t be fooled – this music video is as fun and intricate as it is angry, and you’ll be shouting its foot-stomping chorus long after it’s finished.

Content warning: This music video contains flashing images.

Watch Derrick Nenzo’s ‘Had Enough’ music video here: