New Releases: Alien Izz – Alien Spectrum Disorder

Liverpool-based producer and DJ Alien Izz makes a big bang with her debut EP, Alien Spectrum Disorder – a promising inaugural release for Space Bunny Records.

Alien Izz is a force to be reckoned with in the Liverpool music scene. A regular name on line-ups across the city and beyond, she brings an otherworldly energy to dancefloors and festivals with her cosmic take on acid, breakbeat and electro. Her excellent ear for music across a range of genres can be heard on the airwaves of Melodic Distraction and AAJA, and she’s a member of Sisu Crew, a collective for aspiring women and non-binary DJs and producers.

Now, Alien Izz is launching her own productions into orbit with Alien Spectrum Disorder – a round-trip through the galaxy spanning acid basslines, rolling breakbeats, energetic synth riffs and floating vocals. The EP is also the first release on new label Space Bunny Records, setting the pace for its ethos to soundtrack “intergalactic dance floors”.

‘Liminal Spaces’ is what one imagines it would sound like to launch into space – and so it’s fitting that this track opens the EP. Bubbling synths and a relentless breakbeat propel the listener forward with excitement and anticipation. When the euphoric vocal sample reaches its summit at the breakdown, it feels as though the galaxy is opening up around you. Still, trips and glitches in the breakbeat spark a sense of alien interference – a sign of something yet to come.

Thick, rhythmic, acid-infused riffs are at the core of ‘Unmasking’, as breathy spoken-word samples reverberate through the solar system. This one is built for the dance floor.

A rolling 303 bassline takes command in ‘Alien Signals’ and sinks the listener into a rave. An acid electro banger with an undeniably extraterrestrial feel, this is the darkest track of Alien Spectrum Disorder; where the listener’s interplanetary journey reaches its climax.

Finally, the listener flies into ‘Liminal Spaces Pt II’, a return to the sound world of the first track, embalmed in new-found reflection. Gliding transcendental vocals and synths crescendo into another infectious, stuttering breakbeat and mind-melting sub bass. Its delicate piano finish resembles a final glimpse of the cosmos before you’re anchored back to earth.

Listen to Alien Spectrum Disorder on streaming services now, and support the release on Bandcamp here: