Music from Pooky

Pooky, something of local Liverpool legend when it comes to anything music comes next providing us with an hour of selections placed at a different angle to our usual mixes, a more important and moving angle. The man with a record bag as deep as kingdom come and a collection of rotary mixers stashed away to be cherished gave up his time to produce one of the most incredible mixes we’ve heard and say a few words about it too! Over to you Pooky…

“Well, this one came out of nowhere. Having been recently asked by James and Josh, the gents behind Liverpool’s Melodic Distraction to do a mix about roots and influences I set off in my usual form of laying down some upbeat selections from the hazy memory banks. Achingly, half way through I received the news that a very close friend had unexpectedly passed away. I was pretty devastated to say the least as I had spent some pretty intense time with this person, not only had she bravely beaten cancer but also provided me with essential company and conversation during my brief but heady days in London right up to recent times.

Finding myself now unable to muster any inspiration to finish the mix I shelved all ideas for a week or so and did nothing but gather my thoughts and attend the funeral. During that time I was reminiscing of places, nights, films and songs we had shared together. So rather than my usual dance floor inspired musings I decided instead to have a rare (these days) bottle of red wine or two  and just put together a set of slightly lugubrious but bittersweet music to encompass what was going through my mind at the time. Life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls and having finished the mix and bounced it down I
found that my ancient  but trusty Pro Tools rig had started to pack in (hence the odd strange crackle) and as a result I have tried to do what I always do in these times and turn a negative situation into a positive one. New Pro Tools on order, quite a big event for me and no doubt something new for me to obsess over.

I would like to dedicate the mix to my friend Shamim, whose departure from this mortal coil has bruised my heart and my Pro Tools (she would like that bit) and to anyone who has ever felt true loss. Pooks X”


Speech from the Dictator

Ryuichi Sakamoto –  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Antiquity (Dilla tribute)

Goldie – Inner City Life (Beatless)

FSOL – Papua New Guinea (dub)

Leftfield – Fanfare of Life

Speech from My Dinner with Andre

Japan – Ghosts

Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch (beatless)

030 – Midnight in Europe

DJ Shadow – Stem

Massive Attack – Black Milk (live)

Youssou N’Dour – Seven Seconds (dub)

Gayngs – Gaudy Side of town

Bill Withers – Hope she’ll be happier (live Carnegie Hall)