Midweek Movers #043: Selected by Brown Fang

Yep, we’re here again! Purgatory, limbo, the netherworld that is the Middle of the Week. 

But fear not – this is where we step in with a handful of delightful ditties to fend off those Wednesday woes! So put that coffee cup down, plug your earphones in and take a step outside. 

Hand-picked in-house and by our hosts, these tracks have only one common denominator: to release that dopamine. And if you dance hard enough, it’ll soon be Friday… 

This week’s Midweek Movers comes from Nottingham-based duo Brown Fang, fresh from the release of latest record ‘Sherwood Pines’ on NuNorthern Soul. Lose yourself in their languid bass guitars, saucer-eyed electronics and glistening special effects here, and check out their feel-good selections below!