Midweek Movers #034: Selected by Stu Pender

Yep, we’re here again! Purgatory, limbo, the netherworld that is the Middle of the Week. 

But fear not – this is where we step in with a handful of delightful ditties to fend off those Wednesday woes! So put that coffee cup down, plug your earphones in and take a step outside. 

Hand-picked in-house and by our hosts, these tracks have only one common denominator: to release that dopamine. And if you dance hard enough, it’ll soon be Friday… 

This week we enjoy selections from Chicago-based guitarist and composer, Stu Pender! Stu is a student of the legendary ECM pioneer John Abercrombie and is a regular collaborator with Photay, Elijah Wolf, Allison Ponthier, and Topaz Jones. He has just released his album ‘Stillness In Motion’, which pays homage to the creative process and finding solace lost in your own thoughts.

Support it on Bandcamp here and check out his feel-good selections below!