Messyside Takeover at Bangface Weekender 2019

A flashback to neo-rave e u p h o r i a – Bangface Weekender 2019 is just around the corner.

In anticipation of this year’s festival we decided it would only be fitting to get in touch with record label boss, music producer and The Only Way Is Upitup’s very own Jacques Malchance. Legend has it that a group would form to bring you some of the most energetic and far out electronic music heard in the North West. Legend also foretold the name of this group – Messyside.

Formed by Jacques, Messyside will be taking Bangface by force, featuring a huge line-up of Liverpool’s most eccentric and forward thinking DJs. Carefully curated for the waviest experience yet, Messyside plan to make Liverpool’s involvement with Bangface bigger and better than ever before.

Upitup at Bangface 2018, kicking ass and taking names

We decided to get in touch with Jacques to see how it’s all going down this year. Touching on his journey into the world of Bangface, he shared with us that: “A lot of years of hard work and putting on events!” was the key to forming this unprecedented collab between city and festival. Looking through videos of Upitup’s set during last year’s weekender – it’s clear to say that it was pretty damn tight! Quizzed on what the Messyside Takeover crew have in store for us in 2019, Jacques reveals very little. Playing his cards close to his chest, all we can do it wait with bated breath.

Impressed by the development of Upitup Records’ presence at Bangface into a whole stage takeover,  it would only be fitting to find out what we could expect this time around:

“Last year we did a back to back DJ set as Upitup DJs, part of the Northern Takeover. This year I’m curating a Merseyside Takeover and myself and the Upitup crew will all be doing individual sets.”

Wanting to know more about this takeover, the first of its kind no-less, it was interesting to hear which of Merseyside’s electro elite Jacques and co. were planning on bringing to represent the sounds of the city:

“Well, I had to cram in as much as possible in 6 hours. It’s always hard to select just a few people for something so special, I wish I could have asked so many more but there’s only so much time. Personally, the Messyside line-up represents an all rounder crew of hardcore Merseyside Rave Veterans (and a few upcoming) that totally need to play BangFace.”

Taking a kaleidoscopic roster of locally renowned DJs, live acts and esoteric sound artists – Jacques reveals to us the much anticipated line-up:

“Quite varied musically and each artist is a legend in their own right. Mark Forshaw is the techno & acid big man. SertOne is doing a Jungle set, and has an upcoming EP on Upitup. I’ve seen Rich Furness play so many different genres and he always hits the nail on the head, he was one of the first DJs I’ve seen in Liverpool and I was a regular at his night, Jasbof. Same with Tony Loco, I used to go to his No Excuses events and he is one of my favourite DJs, usually plays a fast mix of Ghettotech, Footwork and Jungle. Bastardcunt is now in his 15th year, truly a gabba institution and pioneer in Liverpool. Maddie, MT Halldoes a LIVE hardware acid set and just had her debut EP come out on Pale Master. Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience and Bad Eror Lad cover the donk, hardcore and silly side of things. Isocore does his own unique blend of cacophonous noisy machines live set, and myself… well I’m a bit of a wild card, for this one I’m preparing a special one-off set with only samples from Back To The Future and other sci-fi classics. Great to see also other fellow mersey ravers one the line-up like Skitzaph0nic, Flesh Mechanic and Machinist.”

The significance of the Bangface Weekender to those within the Upitup and Messyside crews cannot be understated. With parties like Chemtrails, Cartier 4 Everyone and other boundary pushing events thriving at venues the likes of Drop the Dumbulls and Kazimier Gardens, Liverpool’s local scene is booming. Bringing these sounds and sights to the Bangface Weekender is a prestigious role within the festival’s programme – elevating local artists onto a national stage.

Euphoria at Bangface 2018

The key theme for this year’s weekender is fancy dress of characters from the future, the catch being that they’ve gotta be raved up. If you’re having issues imagining this, think Marty McFly with glow sticks and covered in UV paint. A theme we can imagine will no doubt permeate through Bangface TV – an obscure show that runs right through the whole weekend. This all ties into a rich subculture centred around avant garde left-field electronic music – as Jacques explained:

“An amazing thing about BangFace is the faithful dedicated following it has (the Hard Crew). There’s a sense of family really rather than community, everyone is just really nice and friendly and of course everyone is pretty much on one epic legendary session! There’s an amazing international crew that comes every year to BangFace from all over the world. One of the joys of the festival is that you just end up in some random chalet full of strangers where one minute you are bouncing off the walls and the next you are having deep and meaningfuls round a bottle of buckfast.”

Okay, we dare you to tell us that doesn’t sound pretty awesome. The idea of networking over music, passing around USBs and sharing a dance with like-minded ravers is pretty rare in its purest form. It really emphasises the underground following that Bangface has developed. Of course, it’s not just the attendees that savour the festival’s quirks and tight-knit ethos. Every performer has their own network and favourite acts – after all, they’re all huge fans of one another’s work. With this in mind, Jacques shared with us who he was most excited to catch:

“I do always love the Thursday headliner, it’s just so much fun. Usually a 90’s comeback/revival act, this year it’s The Outhere Brothers (previous years included Snap!, VengaBoys and 2Unlimited). I have to admit I’m quite looking forward to seeing Little Big too (even though I’m not a huge fan, but LIVE at BangFace is going to be perfect). Haven’t seen Otto Von Schirach in ages (since I put him on in Liverpool actually at one of the first Upitup nights), so very excited to see him again.”

Bangface Christmas Party 2018


There are many great things about the weekender that add to the overall experience of the festival, one of these being the unique DJ names. Strap yourself in…these can get outrageous – A couple of personal favourites being: “Dave Skywalker”, “BabyShaker” and of course, “Bob The Builder!”

Having frequented the festival for many years now, Jacques has had an opportunity to soak it all in; the costumes, the zany decor, the outrageous sets and you betcha, he’s heard some classic DJ names too. His favourite?

“DJ Lara Croft’s Dentist”.

What on Earth… Who comes up with this stuff?

Some of the most creative minds in music gathered in one place, all sharing a passion for a collective experience that only the Bangface Weekender can offer.

Don’t miss out on BangFace from 15-19th of March!

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