Melodic Distraction Premiere: Nymad – Fog Lane Park [Ad Hoc 006]

Ad Hoc Records are back once again with another deep dive into Manchester’s underground. Unwavering from their continued endorsement of the city’s flowering electronic music scene, AH006 brings us the sophomore EP from Nymad. Produced by Colombian-born Jose Wills, the fiver-tracker is packed to the rafters with nods to UKG, his roots in DnB and the syncopated rhythms heard growing up in Latin-America.

An unabashed homage to UKG, the EP’s third track, Fog Lane Park, is a genre connoisseur’s blend. Nymad’s rippling melodies and blurred harmonics are expertly sliced by the resolute groove beneath – percussive mids working in sync with a weighty synthscape that rides the perfect line between old and new. Check out the Melodic Distraction Premiere below with a quick natter with the main man himself!

To find out more about the up-and-coming producer, the pathways that led him to a release on Ad Hoc Records and what draws him further into Manchester’s bubbling scene, we sat down with Jose to find out more.

With a new release out in the world, in addition to a gig at the legendary Eastern Bloc records lined-up very soon, things seem to be really picking up for the producer. 

I’ve taken a break from writing tunes at the moment to focus on the live show, I’ll be playing on the 15th of December at Eastern Bloc, one of my favourite spots in town. Looking forward to testing out some new material due to be released on Ad Hoc very soon, and very excited to be joining Kerrie and Mark Turner who will be playing live also.

Originally hailing from Colombia, travelling via London before landing in Manchester, Nymad explains how living around the world has shaped his musical outlook:

Growing up in Colombia and London definitely shaped my approach to making music. I picked up a little fondness for swing and syncopated rhythms growing up in Latin-America. Whilst living in London I developed a strong passion for electronic music, predominantly drum and bass. Over the years of listening and writing music my method has moulded into what I make today, taking influence from a variety of different genres.

Manchester’s a great place to be. It’s very diverse when it comes to music, you can find pockets of pretty much every genre across different venues around the city, which is something I really like. You also find people from all ages and backgrounds coming together as well and forming a community around the love for music, which is nice to see. There’s a lot of talented musicians, DJs and producers doing their thing purely because they enjoy it.

In 2017, Nymad released his debut EP on Krooks Records, based out of Amsterdam. 

I sent them a demo and some time later by debut was out into the world. It was a great learning experience which prepared me for my second release on Finest Ego, which came out earlier this year. They were both EPs which came about by me constantly working on tunes (for at least 5 years) and then being determined on releasing them.

Having sent out promo around numerous labels, it was high time for Nymad himself to be reached out to…

Dave (from Ad Hoc Records) got in touch after he heard one of my tunes on a School of Electronic Music playlist. I initially moved to Manchester to study there. I enjoyed the stuff they put out, and they really liked some tunes I was sitting on, so it all came together quite naturally. They’re really sound, down to earth people. It’s also quite nice to release with a local label.

Drawing from a pool of intrinsically UK sounds like UKG and breakbeat, the entire EP pays homage to bass driven music whilst keeping the overall aesthetic quite vibrant and light.

I like to blur the line in-between the dance-floor and home listening. I enjoy making music which has more than one purpose to it, both with energetic as well as relaxing aspects covering one idea. Producing this EP I used my laptop, a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 sound-card, Mackie MR5 monitors, a treasured collection of percussion instruments, a Shure SM57 microphone, a Korg Minilogue synth, a keyboard and MIDI controller, Logic Pro X, Waves and Native Instruments plug-ins, and Trilian.

With a series of three supremely tight EPs under his belt, Nymad’s sights are firmly set on the future. 

I’ve said this for ages but I’ve always wanted to release a full length LP. I need to make really good one before that happens though…we’ll see!

“Ensemble” is out now on Ad Hoc Records 

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