Melodic Distraction Premiere: Kolour LTD 10’s

Kolour LTD are back with a killer new EP in their 10″ series from Ashley Stevenson (aka The Last Trip To Gandahar.) Following on from our feature length look at the label, we have been lucky enough to get our hands on an exclusive premiere to share with all of you…

Based between Houston & Detroit, this vinyl-only label has been kicking out some of the finest in jazz and disco-infused house music over the past 7 years. With their back-catalogue featuring releases from veteran artists and emerging producers the world over, the team behind the label have proven time and time again that their ear for excellent dance music and diverse colour is second to none. Founded in 2010 as a subsidiary to the Kolour Recordings label, Kolour LTD is an imprint that connects with artists across the world, aiming to bring a broad array of styles and sounds to their listeners. Whether releasing music from homegrown talent or reaching out around Europe to places like Belarus or Amsterdam, the duo behind Kolour LTD work with a plethora of artists, big and small, to showcase their high class taste for colourful electronic dance music.

Their latest set of releases, Kolour LTD 10’s, sees the label unleash a series of 2-track EPs. Featuring the likes of Bristol-based Admin (a previous guest of Melodic Distraction’s), Jonny Conga & Chezz to name a few,  their newest release by The Last Trip To Gandahar fits perfectly into the mix of emerging producers, with a drive for dancefloor-ready music.

“Volume 6 welcomes UK native, The Last Trip To Gandahar to the family. Previous releases over at City Fly Records & their most recent debut solo EP with DC label Better Listen Records have paved the way for his very own two-tracker with us on Kolour LTD 10”s.”

The A-side kicks things off with a calm and classic house track, providing subtle groove interactions…certainly a warmer in our books.  Striking kicks, ambient chords and sultry vocal samples make up GandaAshley’s introduction to the Kolour LTD label perfectly. Flipping the record, the tempo and energy move up through the gears as Ashley pushes out a climactic, high-energy dance production, which can be heard in our premiere below. Muted brass melodies along with groove-ridden bass-lines make this track perfect for those later hours when keeping the dancefloor busy is number one priority. The EP as a whole cleverly lays out the start and finish of an evening all on one record.

Head over to Juno to pre-order your copy below!