Melodic Distraction Premiere: Shadeleaf (SM11)

Shadeleaf Music are back with a killer new remix EP and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on an exclusive premiere to share with all of you!  Featuring cuts from Byron The Aquarius, Luke Solomon, Al Zanders and Inkwell, this record is jam packed with loads of beautiful music.

Headed by label boss and legendary producer thatmanmonkz, Shadeleaf Music are yet to have a release that hasn’t left us begging for more! Born and built in Sheffield, Shadeleaf is making a name for itself as one of the North’s most exciting house labels. Over the past 4 years the label has showcased some of the best in sample-heavy house music. With 10 releases to date and soon to be 11, Shadeleaf Music has put out music from producers including Preston based up-and-comer Simba, the Belarus-based jazz-house duo Four Walls & FunkyJaws as well as previous Melodic Distraction guest Art of Tones, to name a few.

A-side remixer, Byron The Aquarious, opens the EP with a relaxed jazz-inflicted house edit of Khalil Anthony’s “Needed You Bad,” showcasing Byron’s signature use of dissonant jazz melodies also present on his well known original composition, “Aquarian Voyage.” It’s enticingly ambient sounds sets a high standard with which the rest of the EP is tasked to follow.

The EP moves forward with haste as Luke Solomon ups the energy, offering a dance floor edit of Jonna’s “Through The Night”. With a heavily swung rhythm section accompanied by silvery disco-influenced elements; a Melodic Distraction favourite on the EP. No doubt this one will be getting a spin at our next party! Check out our exclusive premier below showcasing the full A-side of this record:


Al Zanders is on remix duty for thatmanmonkz’s original, “Burning Up.” Deeper house styles appear throughout the B-side with this remix offering a moodier sound to that seen elsewhere on the EP. Meanwhile, Inkwell offers his Shadeleaf debut on with a remix of fellow label-newcomer Simba’s original, “Make Your Move.” Minimal but melodic tones underlay the recognisable vocals from J.Gordan, keeping the Simba original ringing through.

The thing that excites us most about this EP is the diverse range of sounds on offer; each track appears vastly different in its production whilst still showcasing that signature Shadeleaf sound. SM12 is yet another superb release to add to their already flourishing portfolio.

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