Melodic Distraction launch Lonely Hearts Club

“Roll call for Melodic Distraction Radio’s LONELY HEARTS CLUB! For all the lovers, haters, fighters and quitters out there… Whatever your stance, we’ve all been through it. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. BREAK-UPS. Never again, amirite? Yet still, we’d do anything for one more hit…” 

From the squishy, giggly infatuation through to the crushing damnations of heartbreak, we’ve got just the sounds to soundtrack those long, lonely nights.

Join us on the second Sunday of every month for Lonely Hearts Club, a 1 hour live broadcast of break-up tunes handpicked anonymously by our team and hosts. Tune in on our website, 7-8pm, or if you miss that, head over to our Spotify where all the playlists will be archived.

Check out the very first edition below! And if you’re interested in submitting your own heart-throbbing tearjerkers, just drop us a line.

Artwork by Alex Wynne