Melodic Distraction Celebrates 5 Years of Play

5 years of records, 5 years of dancing, 5 years of Melodic Distraction. We are celebrating 5 years of play by teaming up with some of our favourite designers from our past to produce one, two, three new t-shirts.

With the turntables still spinning after five trips around the sun, we’re buzzing to see that you’re still locked into the sounds of Melodic Distraction. As a huge thank you, and in a time where we can’t all be together, we’re launching a new t-shirt range that nods to the past and looks forward to a sunny future. 

10% of all pre-orders will be donated to Stop Hate UK, a national organisation working to challenge all forms of hate crime and discrimination.

Pre-order from Thursday 11th June and before the closing date on Sunday 5th July.


SktchStnce – Still Spinnin’

Ever wondered where the hands logo came from? Well we have that skateboarding fella with the boss ink and pen work, SktchStnce, to thank for that. 

He was our first port-of-call when looking to celebrate the past five years and we’re elated to share his classic black and white design. What’s a birthday without cake?


LeisureLeisure.Co – 5 Years of Play

Our man Kelvin SM, aka Leisure Deejay, first came to us as a merchant of newly released records back in 2018. Our studio hosted the physical side of Kelvin’s online record store for over a year and his crates provided a great space for musical discussion, education and fresh radio material. 

Kelvin is also a key illustrator for us, designing the artwork for our flagship Wake Up With and MDR’s Breakfast Club shows. 

For his 5 year piece, Kelvin pays a word to the wise with the lucky waving cat (maneki-neko), found inhabiting the mantle of our radio studio for the past 3 years.


Abby Bird – Together, Wherever

As one of our most recent collaborators, Doing Bits Studio designer Abby Bird has very quickly become a design favourite among the MD staffers. Her work for the Refreshments x Melodic Distraction tee produced one of our most requested tees and we’re so pleased to have Abby back on board. 

Abby’s design aims to capture the importance Melodic Distraction has in keeping people connected and a part of one picture. The design nods to funk and soul posters of the 70s and captures the sense of community we strive to create among our extended radio friends and family.


All tee designs will also be available as thick cut screen prints and as stickers!



After a slurry of requests, we’re also happy to announce the return of the much-loved tote bags. Perfect for carrying records or running the big Asda on Smithdown. 

Complete with an updated design and available in two colourways.


Hold on, there’s even more…

Much more! 

New bits from us…we’re also launching a whole range of Melodic Distraction wearables, stickables and even kitchenware (because why not?) There’s much more on this to come. Ears to the (digital) street an’ all tha! 

All of this landing at a later date of Tuesday 16th June. For now, here’s a peep at what’s to come…

MD Sweatshirts

Comfort is key! That’s why we’re bringing out our very first sweatshirt in a black/gold colourway. Design info dropping Tuesday 16th June…

MD Cord Caps

Go full kit w*nker and rock our inaugural MD cap with your tee, sweatshirt and tote. Cord caps will be available in a bunch of different colourways. 

Tea Towels 

Think “Class of 2020” primary school tea towel. We’ll also be donating 100% of profits from this item to Stop Hate UK.