MDR Selects – Sontag Shogun

MDR Selects, a new (old) series where we invite our favourite artists, record stores, labels and more to curate a playlist of songs that hold specific meaning to them. We’re delighted to have Sontag Shogun share their offbeat tastes, plus an off kilter poem to explain it all too, just ahead of their release It Billows Up. It Billows Up releases on May 17th, on vinyl, CD and zine. 

Tired Voyages of Oak, Ash, & Maple — Les voyages fatigués du chêne, du frêne, & de l’érable. 
A playlist for Melodic Distraction by yours truly, The Sontag Shogun.
A playlist of self-sabotage. 
Winter in a mason jar — sleeps on a cot. 
Broken patterns in a landscape, roll the tape.
I took three photographs of the moon this month, 
I never cared about ending up alone, but I’m sure now:
            We’re not alone. 
Pears, apples, brown rice, LSD and cheap beer. 
Roll the tape, forgive your friends, don’t fuck with bee hives. 
Just tell me we’re still here.
Just tell me the house is still there. 
    …tell me you got that on tape.