MDR Selects – Dana Dajani

MDR Selects, a series where we invite our favourite artists, record stores, labels and more to curate a playlist of songs that hold specific meaning to them. This edition invites award-winning Palestinian actor and writer, Dana Dajani, to share her selections ahead of performing at this year’s Liverpool Arab Arts Festival.

Dana’s background in theatre has informed and influenced her love of writing, and allowed her to create a unique style of solo performance. Part spoken-word, part one-woman show, Dana uses gesture, character, and a simple scarf to transport audiences through different themes, personas, and perspectives.

She has performed her poetry around the world. Themes of Dana’s poetry range from the inspirational to the political, including: the industrialization of beauty, risk, nature, language, technology, Palestine, refugees, and more. Dana has collaborated with a range of internationally acclaimed musicians to blend poetry and music in live performance. She has recorded 2 poetry and music EP’s in Dubai; with Floetics (acoustic neo-soul inspirations) and Type Two Error (wicked and sensual analogue electronica).

“I love observing artists in flow states.
People who have tapped in to the divine gift that is uniquely theirs to share,
and do so with all their character.

As a writer, I really appreciate strong lyricism in music, but
I can lose myself listening to instruments in dialogue,
mystified at the mastery of creating harmony with a tool,
your voice, others,
impromptu – in the moment, or repeated like an anthem.
I feel like music elevates my poetry, and I feel lucky
to have had the privilege to make music with some incredible artists.

I am inspired by music from around the world,
I’m curious about it’s origin in ritual to achieve trance states.
I love the infinite manifestations of song,how singular every voice is within a genre, and
how every genre has it’s mood.

This playlist is a collection of artists who flow, and moods I swing to.
Music helps me unwind, unravel, transcend, sink into certain states.
Music moves my body, stirs my spirit, and raises my energy.
I celebrate it as a universal power-
it unites us to move to the same rhythm,
feel the same emotion. Let go. Connect.”



|| Dana Dajani || Liverpool Arab Arts Festival ||