MDR Selects – Bradford Reed

MDR Selects, a series where we invite our favourite artists, record stores, labels and more to curate a playlist of songs that hold specific meaning to them. 

For our next edition, we invited famed NYC avant-jazz composer Bradford Reed to provide the selections ahead of the release of “What’s Good for the Goose is Good”, his first LP in 13 years. Reed made his mark in NYC in the 90s and early 2000s as a street performer wielding the Pencilina, an electronic zither of his own invention. He’s produced for and collaborated with the likes of King Missile III and the Blue Man Group, establishing connections with a number of renowned experimental musicians in New York – many of whom contribute to the forthcoming album.

Whilst his selections do not necessarily reflect those found on the album, they offer a thought provoking look at one of music’s most interesting characters. In his own words, Bradford gives us the low down behind his selections:

“Most of the songs on the playlist I compiled bear little or no direct resemblance to what’s on the record I made but are part of my musicality. For me, they are blatant evidence of the ability of music to create unseen worlds.

Becoming transported into and exploring these spaces as both a listener and a player is one of my primary joys. That these places exist is compelling and wondrous to me. However, what might sound like an ecstatic explosion of harmony and rhythm to me might sound like complete schlock to someone else and vice versa.

I’m interested in how certain sonic elements provide platforms to jump from across taste and into vibrations, temporarily dissolving our individuality and emotional dispositions. Originality, purity of intention and eclecticism in the listening, playing and presenting of music can help to reveal what these magical ingredients are.

Many of the pieces I’ve chosen here are by artists my collaborators on What’s Good for the Goose Is Good either turned me onto, or deepened my appreciation for. May these selections be portals to discovery or at least entertaining for you!”