LUNA Drops Single ‘Night Drive’ ahead of ‘Hello Earth’ EP Launch

Ethereal songstress LUNA has just released the first single ‘Night Drive’ off her upcoming debut EP Hello Earth. Over the next month we’ll be following her journey, which starts with this week’s single release and heads to a very special EP launch at St Bride’s Church on Friday 13th March. 

Hello Earth is LUNA’s introduction to her world and she wants you to fully immerse yourself in it. Expect mystical decor, dusty lighting, luscious soundscapes and divine acoustics. To kick things off, the first single ‘Night Drive’ is out today. Filmed on one freezing December day in Delamere Forest, the video for the electro-pop ballad is a carefully-crafted piece of cinematography, focusing less on a narrative but more on lighting, colours and scenery.

It reflects the organic journey of the song itself: one person’s thoughts and inward-contemplation, the feelings of loving and losing, nostalgia and regret, with a sense of release from being trapped inside your head. LUNA’s skilful production & emotive vocals dovetail beautifully to imbue the track with a deep sensitivity that perfectly encapsulates the themes at the heart of the record. 

The record begins with gentle chords underpinning LUNA’s tender vocals, as the singer ruefully reflects on a lost love. However, the brooding tone is swiftly  injected with a real energy as the track reaches an emotional peak. The previously tender tone is replaced with a raw and powerful vigour, driven by LUNA’s soaring vocal line and the introduction of some biting percussion. As our Lupini put, it’s “one for those lonely, wistful midnight cigarettes”. Listen, save and buy it now. 

The full five track EP drops on Friday 13th March (we’re not superstitious, are you?) so, come and celebrate with us! Limited early birds are on-sale here, but don’t sleep – as when we say limited, we mean limited. Be sure to follow LUNA for all updates, including very special guest announcements coming soon.

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